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From IMRA - Thursday, December 26, 2002 "Conversation on the Beach" by Solly Ganor (courtesy of Little Green Footballs):

"I wrote down the conversation between the Arab youth and myself about
half an hour after our meeting. Since I didn't have a tape recorder I
couldn't recount it word by word. I am a writer and I wrote it more for
myself than for anyone to read. I go to the mosque quite often, because
it is a very picturesque place and you have a fantastic view from there."

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" I heard a voice behind me speaking English. As
I turned around I saw a well dressed young man of about twenty five,
looking wistfully at the sea. By his accent and looks I realized that he
was an Arab, probably one of the lot that arrived by bus. A quick visual
scan of his body assured me that he didn't come to stab me, or blow himself

" Hostility is what you are getting now. Our young people are blowing
themselves up in all of your major towns, taking with them hundreds of your
Israelis. President Arafat has promised you a million 'Shihads' to march on
Jerusalem. The march has already began, and it won't be thanks to
Arafat. He is another old bungler. Things are changing. Until now you had
the upper hand, but no more!"

"Our "Shihads," are the answer to your atomic bombs. If necessary, one
"Shihad" can be an atomic bomb, here in Israel, in America, in Europe, or
anywhere the Jews and the Crusaders live. We don't need millions of dollars
worth of sophisticated labs and expensive scientist. What we have is cheap
and efficient. That is because we are not afraid to die. We have finally
found your soft underbelly, your Achilles Heal. You Judeo-Christians
worship the sanctity of life, while we don't mind dying for Islam" The last
sentence he said with certain pride in his voice."

" Yes, he will get it! And you know why? Because in 1948 they were all
cowards! Today, our generation is proving that we are not! Eighteen
determined men with carton cutters who were not afraid to die, defied the
big American might, causing them thousands of dead and trillions of
dollars worth of losses. We found out that we can bring the Western
capitalist system to its knees, and we shall do so! It is a shameless
selfish system that causes endless human misery around the world,
especially in the third world countries and for Islam. It is time for it to
go!" It was obvious from the way he said it that he didn't say it for the
first time."

"Communism, Nazism, Fascism, they all were defeated by the Western
Democracies, what system do you propose to replace it with?" I asked. I was
beginning to get irritated with this young Arab."

" Islam!" He said fiercely."

" Islam?" I asked. " Islam? What did Islam ever do for the countries under
its rule? It brought nothing but poverty and misery to the masses, while
bestowing fabulous riches to the rulers. All you have to do is look around
you. Israel, that was in 1948 a pauper state, barely able to feed its
population, has grown into a modern self sufficient state. We have absorbed
a million Jews from the Arab countries, who fled for their lives leaving
all they possessed behind, while your Arab brothers with their billions of
petro dollars let the Palestinians rot in refugee camps. While we
progressed in the last fifty years, the Arab states have only regressed
. As a matter of fact, the Arab masses are worse off than when they were
under the British or the French rule. How many Nobel prize winners has
Islam produced? How many new inventions to benefit mankind? Practically

"How many Einsteins, Freuds, Salks and Rubinsteins has Islam produced? Zero!
From a once vibrant Arab civilization, that gave us Algebra and the
concept of the zero, Islam has plunged you into a pit of fanaticism,
illiteracy, poverty and corruption, and you would like to force the world
into the same abyss?. "

"For a while he looked at me perturbed. " We all make mistakes. But Islam
with all its faults is a thousand times more preferable to the abomination
that is the West." He finally said quietly.
Then he gave me a fierce look and said: "If you had said in any Arab
country about Islam, what you have just said to me, you would be a dead

" I am sure I would. And if you had said in any Arab country denouncing
their corrupt regimes the way you are denouncing Israel, you would be a
dead man too. Yet, here you are, studying at the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem, allowing yourself openly to speak of subversion and treason
against the State of Israel, without any fear of being arrested, let alone
being killed for it. Doesn't it say something to you?"

" Yes, it says that you are weak, and that weakness will be your undoing."
he said seriously."

" Isn't there a way our two nations could ever come to terms and make

"Again he gave me that serious look. " Yes, there is a way. We are not like
the Nazis who gave you no other choice but death. We give you the chance to
convert to Islam, then you will become a part of us and our people will
live in peace."


Victor Davis Hanson has once again hit it out of the park. He takes on the whole of the war on terrorism, but I particularly liked his take on the bloody shirt of censorship and the Ashcroft Brigades:

"The American left has missed yet another train as it was leaving. Currently it is reeling from an array of staggering developments that in the post-Cold War era threaten to leave it as discredited as segregationist Republicans were during the civil-rights movement. Anti-Semitism is suddenly more commonly a phenomenon of the academic Left than of the old, white, Neanderthal Right. Multiculturalism and cultural equivalence have been refuted by the ghoulish nature of the Taliban; the more the world learns about the "alternative" universe of Saddam Hussein and kindred Middle Eastern regimes, the more it shudders in horror."

"Censorship, catcalls at lectures, and the stealing of newspapers are not Mr. Ashcroft's doing but now also a hallmark of the campus Left - mostly ignored by timid college presidents. Amnesty International and the United Nations mollify rather than oppose odious regimes. Pacifism does not work in a world where the World Trade Center is incinerated. The hysterics of a Chomsky, Vidal, Mailer, or Said - never really refuted by the more responsible Left - were proved harebrained by the rapidity and economy of the American victory and the benevolent nature of the Karzai government in Afghanistan."

Why are students on college campuses so afraid to debate those with which the disagree? Why the movement towards describing opposing viewpoints as "hate speech"? Are "free speech zones" on campuses a good idea as opposed to establishing THE CAMPUS as a free speech institution?

The Left is all for free speech as long as it toes the party line. Assuming that they hold a morally superior position on all issues, all opposing viewpoints are categorized as "hate speech" and, therefore, it is acceptable to regulate (censor) the expression of them.

When has John Ashcroft sent in the FBI to suppress free speech or shut down an anti-government protest? All of the whining about a "police state" is a bunch of hog wash. If the whiners want to experience true repression, maybe they should spend a little time in Iraq or Saudi Arabia; it might bring them a fresh perspective.

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From ABCNEWS.com :

"All citizens of Saudi Arabia must be Muslim. Conversion by a Muslim to another religion is considered apostasy and can be punishable by death. Christian missionaries are unwelcome."

"Christians who go to Saudi Arabia for other kinds of work are welcome, so long as they abide by religious rules. At least 500,000 Roman Catholics are believed to be in Saudi Arabia, including many women from the Philippines who work as domestics."

"A State Department report on religious freedom around the world, released in October, says, "Non-Muslim worshippers (in Saudi Arabia) risk arrest, imprisonment, lashing, deportation and sometimes torture for engaging in overt religious activity that attracts official attention."

Imagine that Muslims in the US were not permitted to worship in public or to celebrate Ramadan. What do you think the reaction of Human Rights Watch or the ACLU or Michael Moore or Bobby Fisk would be? They'd be screaming bloody murder and protesting all over the place (and I'd be right along side them in this instance).

Why does Saudi Arabia get a free pass? We can only ignore this for as long as it takes to liberate Iraq; then we'll have to deal with the Saudis.

(thanks to USS Clueless for the link)


I won't feel like I've made an impact until the wackos over there take heed of my RANT.

Go harass them for holiday fun!

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From The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid (soon to be added to the Links, via Instapundit):

"UN-FACT OF THE DAY: REUTERS "REELING" ON HOLIDAY SALES My informant "Irrational Exuberance" notes this little scare-bomb in our Christmas stockings thanks to Reuters. The headline to Emily Kaiser's wire story is "Retailers Face Worst Holiday in Decades," and it reports that US stores are "reeling from a lackluster holiday season that is forecast to be the weakest in more than 30 years." As usual, analysts are quoted, dire consequences are predicted.

The scary impression given is that sales this holiday season will run lower than in the pit of the 1974-1975 recession, when the economy was not only in deep trouble but far smaller than it is today. But in the third paragraph it is finally revealed that exactly what may be the weakest in more than 30 years is not sales, but growth in sales. We're not talking even about negative growth -- just smaller growth than some expected. The analysts quoted are forecasting 1.5% growth in holiday sales, which is defined as "the smallest gain since... 1970".

So sorry for the retailers. I wish MY company had logged the most sales (by 1.5%) in its history. That would have made those layoffs unnecessary.


The Seattle Times concluded in a Christmas Eve editorial:

"Fact is, Murray's information about bin Laden is right. The Associated Press quoted a bin Laden expert saying the senator's comments were "a generalization, but mostly accurate." Sen. Murray challenged bright students, who might be soldiers in the war on terrorism, to make sense of our nation's circumstances. How subversive!"

No one has ever disputed that bin Laden's construction company built projects in the Arab world...Sudan, I believe, was a recipient of some of them. That was about the only factual information that she offered in her comments. Her IMPLICATION was that his construction projects and generosity have made him a popular figure among Arab Muslims.

This is a completely ignorant conclusion to draw. His popularity is based upon his past support of the Afghan opposition to the Soviet invasion, his opposition to an unpopular Saudi government and his vehement anti-Americanism and anti-semitism. Mein Kampf is also enjoying a surge in popularity in that part of the world; I wonder if Nazi's have built any schools on the West Bank lately?

A United States Senator offering such an uninformed and/or propagandistic explanation to the "root causes" of anti-American sentiment and challenging high-school students to ponder them is offensive and stupid; blaming her critics for politicising her ill-advised comments doesn't make it any less so.

Glenn Reynolds agrees with me on the significance of the Patty Murray comments to the Democratic Party and what they'll end up (not) doing about it:

"Given that there was no discipline where Bonior and McDermott were concerned, I doubt much will come of this. But the Democrats' silence will, whether fairly or not, continue to fuel doubts about the Democrats' patriotism, just as the Republicans' failure to remove Trent Lott has continued to fuel doubts about the GOP's commitment to racial equality and -- oh, wait. . . ."

This will eventually fade away but my bet is that it will do damage to Democrats beyond Murray herself.

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No more posting today.

Don't want to think about world events and politics but rather enjoy family and friends and give thanks for all of the blessings bestowed upon us by God.


"North Korea Vows a Fight" - what a nice front page headline on Christmas morning.

"If they, ignorant of their rival, dare provoke a nuclear war, the army and people of (North Korea) led by Kim Jong Il, the invincible commander, will rise up to mete out determined and merciless punishment to the U.S. imperialist aggressors with the might of single-hearted unity more powerful than an A-bomb", said Defense Minister Kim Il Chol, according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

Given the maniacal bent of the North Koreans, why was the U.S. so unpopular in the recent South Korean election? Think about this - if the U.S. isn't there to provide a deterrent to NK, then SK and Japan would have to develop nuclear weapons or face the possibilty of having their policies dictated by Pyongyang. SK would certainly be blackmailed into reunification with the North. Is this what the South Koreans really want? To either go nuclear or have Kim Jong Il as their "invincible commander"?

My Christmas wish for Kim is a massive dose of Prozac.


Steven Den Beste reports:

"You would increase your exposure to radiation far more by moving to a new home 100 feet up a hill than by living next to a 1 ton block of U-238. Living at higher altitude reduces the amount of atmosphere between you and the sun, increasing your exposure to cosmic rays and other extraterrestrial radiation sources."

"You can't ignore the issue of quantity. Leftists who are panicked by radiation have no concept of quantity; to them, all kinds of radiation and any amount of radiation is infinitely dangerous."

So what is causing all of the "bleeding rectums" in Iraq that Harold Pinter is all worked up about?


I saw a report on CNN earlier today which contained the caption "Bethlehem, the reported birthplace of Christ" (that is the best I can remember it but it accurately characterizes the intent). I also heard a feature on NPR today talk about how "some" scholars believe that Jesus didn't die on the cross but travelled east to India where he ended his life (again from memory).

My question is - can we not just allow Christians to celebrate the birth of the savior without commentary bringing into question the veracity of the Bible. I wouldn't expect NPR to run a program questioning the Koran during Ramadan.

I don't expect the media or the government to endorse or in any way support any religion. But couldn't they at least show a little respect during religious holidays?

In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I pray for peace and freedom for all the people of the world regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

God bless you all.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Glenn Reynolds comments:

" PATTY MURRAY'S REMARKS ON BIN LADEN are reportedly causing a "groundswell of anger" on talk radio and the Internet, while being ignored by major media.
I wonder why? Of course, the Trent Lott story started out that way, too."

Murray's explanation of her remarks indicates that she doesn't understand why Americans should find them offensive. I can break it down for her - it is offensive that she thinks the US should engage in a popularity contest with a mass murderer to keep Arabs from supporting him instead of us and that we should do it by increasing economic aid (essentially a bribe). It is unclear what she believes are the responsibilities of the governments of the middle east countries with respect to their own infrastructure systems.

This issue is going to continue to be a topic in the blogosphere because she and the Democrats will continue to defend her statements and attack her critics. All she had to say in response was that she didn't intend to praise bin Laden or suggest that America was in ANY way responsible for the 9/11 attacks due to anything we did or did not do and the controversy would have subsided.

Doesn't anyone ever learn?


The government of the dangerously unhinged Kim Jong-Il
escalates the inflammatory rhetoric in their insane game of "nuclear chicken":

"...Mr Rumsfeld insisted that Washington would pursue a diplomatic strategy against North Korea for the moment, as that crisis was still at a relatively early stage."

"Pyongyang has issued a series of threats, including one to "destroy the earth" if the US resorted to nuclear war against it. South Korea's president, Kim Dae-jung, and the president-elect, Roh Moo-hyun, sought to calm the mood by saying they wanted a peaceful resolution."

"While Russia expressed concern at the North's weekend announcement, the deputy foreign minister warned the US not to aggravate the crisis."

Have I missed something here? Has the United States made even a veiled threat of a nuclear attack against North Korea?

The Russians and the Chinese created this monster and they damn well better do something about it before he turns the Korean peninsula into a smoldering, radioactive wasteland.

If the UN is ever going to exhibit some backbone it would be nice if they did it now. There should be a complete embargo of North Korea immediately. Violators should be severely dealt with.

I wonder if the Democrats think that a national missle defense program is a good idea now.


It may have been a little late in coming but the President finally addresses the issue of freedom for Iranians:

"THE PRESIDENT: I'm pleased to send warm greetings to the people of Iran and to welcome you to the new Radio Farda broadcast."

"For many years, the United States has helped bring news and cultural broadcasts for a few hours every day to the Iranian people via Radio Freedom. Yet the Iranian people tell us that more broadcasting is needed, because the unelected few who control the Iranian governmentcontinue to place severe restrictions on access to uncensored information. So we are now making our broadcast available to more Iranians by airing news and music and cultural programs nearly 24 hours a day, and we are pleased to continue Voice of America and VOA TV services to Iran."

I have a good friend who is Iranian (and we employ his niece) so I get some direct information on the state of things there. From what I hear, Iran is still very western-leaning especially among the young and educated. The government looks past a lot of infractions of religious law only cracking down on the more outspoken critics.

This indicates a loss of control by the hardliners. The momentum is building for change and it doesn't appear that anything short of brutal military repression will stop the movement.

It is important that Americans support the Iranian students in their quest to liberate their people from the theocratic dictatorship under which they suffer. While I don't believe overt government action is appropriate at this point, I do think that expressions of support from the President and other prominent citizens (and the blogosphere) can help convince more Iranians that their cause can prevail. Already there is sympathy from the police.

God bless the Iranian people. My prayers are with them in their struggle for freedom.

Thanks to Max Rosenthal at The World's Most Confused Jew for his link to my humble site.

As you can see, he has been added to my list of preferred links. Check him out.

Hail to the newest member of the "Jewish-Crusader Alliance".

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What IS Jane Fonda's middle east agenda?

(AP) "Jane Fonda visited Israelis wounded in suicide bomb attacks and met with Israeli peace activists Thursday."

"The 64-year-old actress and activist is on a weeklong trip to the region and plans to attend meetings of Israeli and Palestinian women organized by a global movement to stop violence against women."

"The movement, called V-Day, was inspired by the off-Broadway hit "The Vagina Monologues" and its playwright, Eve Ensler, who is also in Israel."

"Fonda and Ensler spoke Thursday to Jewish and Arab doctors and patients at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital after a performance of selected passages from "Monologues" put on by a group of Israeli women."

I can see how a performance of the "Vagina Monologues" would be very helpful to Israeli women worried about Palestinian terrorists, strapped with explosives murdering their families. Of course, I'm sure that Eve Ensler thinks that if we could just get rid of all of the men then the testosterone-fueled cycle of violence would be broken.

At least it appears that Fonda will be visiting with both sides (although with the terrorist Arafat and not PM Sharon) before making any statements.

If only she could join forces with Sean Penn, Ed Asner and Michael Moore maybe they could bring about a lasting peace to the region....in a pig's eye!


I'm sure that Patty Murray thinks that this is a result of bad US public relations (or maybe it's because the SENATE failed to ratify the Kyoto protocols):

"When asked whether they thought the United States and its allies were justified in blaming the Sept. 11 attacks on al-Qaida, 17 percent answered 'yes' while 56 percent replied 'no.' And 64 percent said al-Qaida should not have been blamed for the Bali bombing and similar terrorist attacks."

OK. We can't blame the attacks on the group who claims credit for them....hmmm.

"Yet 44 percent said attacks by al-Qaida or similar groups are justified because Muslims are being killed by the United States or allies using American weaponry. Forty-six percent said such attacks were not justified. The survey question didn't say where Muslims were being killed."

Exactly which Muslims are being killed by the United States. Oh yes, I forgot, the J-E-W-S are killing Palestinian terrorists with American weapons....shame on us.

And this was a poll of BRITISH Muslims. I wonder what they think in countries where the government media teaches them that J-E-W-S are pigs who take the blood of Muslim and Christian children to make pastries for their religious celebrations? Or that air remakes of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"?


According to Mikey Moore. Sarah McCarthy, at MOOREWATCH reports on the dishevled crusader's views on the "root causes" of our gun madness:

"The film is a bitter pill for Americans because I'm saying it's not the guns per se, it's us," says Moore, as he urged Canadians to take heed and avoid the same fate. "We have a shared mental problem as a country: A fear based on racism, and we don't want to touch it."

RACISM! Ah-ha! The all-purpose excuse for any problem. Racism causes gun violence. Racism causes whites to vote Republican (when we all know that anybody with any intellegence, like Sean Penn, would be a Democrat). Racism causes poverty. And this just out, Racism causes Cancer!

I'm white, I don't own a gun, I'm a conservative Republican, I'm well educated, I am not a racist. I do support upholding the right of citizens to bear arms.

Quit tarring all your political opponents with that worn out canard Mikey. After all, just because you are a liar doesn't mean that ALL liberals are.

Sunday, December 22, 2002


Murray's remarks on bin Laden draw GOP ire "Having a challenging and thoughtful discussion about Americas future reflects the best values of a free democracy; to sensationalize and distort in an attempt to divide is not," Patty Murray said.

Hmmm. Didn't sound to me like a very thoughtful remark she made. I bet she wishes (like Trent Lott) she hadn't made it now.

"Murray's spokesman, Todd Webster, called the senator a victim of a right-wing media machine."

"This is being turned into a circus by the right-wing media outlets and fed by right-wing haters," Webster said."

She said what she said. If she's been misquoted somewhere then point it out Mr. Webster, but please don't whine about the "right-wing media machine".

No free passes Senator Murray. Your comments implied that the United States was attacked on 9/11/2001 because it has failed to build enough roads and schools in the Arab world. And that we need to understand that this is why OBL is so popular in that world (because his construction company builds bridges, etc.). This is bullshit. It reflects a "blame America first" bias on your part.

So, instead of clouding the issue by attacking your critics, why don't you just explain exactly how we've misrepresented your statements.

After all, the same "right-wing media machine" was the first to call for Trent Lott's resignation as majority leader.

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