Saturday, January 11, 2003


The terrorist lovers at Reuters report:

"Without proof, it would be very difficult to start a war," European Union (news - web sites) foreign policy coordinator Javier Solana said.

Uhhh...not really. All we have to do is give the order.

As President Bush continued to mobilize his forces and met Iraqi opposition leaders, one of President Saddam Hussein's main Iraqi foes said an invasion could destabilize the Middle East and warned that the sort of massive occupying force Washington envisages would face popular armed resistance.

Yeah, we are counting on destabilizing the middle east. Do we really have an interest in the maintaning the status quo? I'd like to see 250,000 American troops occupying Iraq...I bet it would make the Syrians, Saudis and Iranians REAL nervous.

Chief inspector Hans Blix told the Security Council Iraq had "failed to answer a great many questions." The United States said if Iraq continued to deceive it would again be in "material breach" of Council resolutions -- language that could mean war.

And this time we triple dare you to keep defying us! No....really...this is your LAST CHANCE...really....the really, honest to God last chance....no more last chances for you!

The bloc's other main military power, France, is cooler, insisting on an international mandate for any war. Germany, the biggest economy, opposes outright the idea of attacking Iraq.

When was the last time FRANCE was considered a "military power"?

"Inspections should continue and for that reason there are no grounds for military action," Berlin's ambassador to the United Nations, Gunter Pleuger, said in New York.

Flawless logic dumbass. Whether or not inspections should continue has no bearing on the decision to go to war (although war would make inspections a little difficult).

Washington has little need of European military assistance and has made clear it is willing to fight alone if need be, despite agreeing to seek United Nations backing last autumn.

Tsk, tsk...it isn't nice for a news agency like Reuters to LIE! The US DID NOT agree to seek UN backing for further action - we only agreed to consult with the security council.

In Turkey, a key NATO (news - web sites) ally, Prime Minister Abdullah Gul wrote urging neighboring Iraq to comply with U.N. resolutions.

So...Turkey agrees that Iraq has not lived up to its obligations.

We could always depend on Pravda to toe the Soviet propaganda line; now I'd rather read Pravda than Reuters.


Random Nuclear Strikes alerts me to the fucking moron Governor George Ryan:

"Our capital system is haunted by the demon of error: error in determining guilt and error in determining who among the guilty deserves to die. What effect was race having? What effect was poverty having?

"Because of all these reasons, today I am commuting the sentences of all death row inmates," Ryan said.

Well, shithead...what effect DID race or poverty have in any of the cases of the 156 death row inmates that you let off the hook. What in hell is wrong with you?

Did you study all 156 cases and determine that the juries and judges were wrong IN EVERY CASE in assessing the death penalty? Were all 156 murderers black? Were all 156 murderers poor?

You, sir, are a pathetic disgrace. How the citizens of Illinois ever elected a worthless fool like you as governor is beyond me. You claim to be a Republican? If you were a Republican in Texas we'd be running your ass out of town on a rail.


LGF points us to more Islamic insanity:

Iran's strict Islamic law forbids consumption of alcohol

A 19-year-old Iranian man has been sentenced to death by hanging for repeatedly drinking alcohol, local newspapers have reported.

The man, identified only as Davoud, had already twice been arrested and whipped for committing the offence.

Under the country's strict Islamic laws, drinking is strictly forbidden, and those caught are usually whipped or heavily fined.

However if caught for a third time an offender can be sentenced to death.

Hey, Teddy Kennedy, whaddaya think about those craaaaazy mullahs? Wanna go party in Tehran?

Haven't they heard that one or two drinks a day is good for you?


Ramsey Clark if a flaming moron but we already knew that:

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark Wednesday compared Jesus Christ to a terrorist during a media event for a new anti-war group.

"The Christian Church overwhelmingly -- there are exceptions -- who choose to call Mohammed a terrorist. They could call Jesus a terrorist too," said Clark. "I mean, he was pretty tough on money lenders a time or two."

Who would you rather have as a Attorney General: John Ashcroft, who has a prayer meeting before work every day, or Ramsey Clark, who thinks Jesus Christ could be characterized as a terrorist?

Please Ramsey - if you want to do some good, go to Baghdad and act as a human shield for Saddam.

Thursday, January 09, 2003


We have an enemy. They have declared war against us. They have told us what they demand.

Our enemy is radical Islamic nationalism. They demand that sharia law extend across the globe. I reject that demand.

Do I need to know more about my enemy? Yes. I want to know exactly who they are, where they are and what their weaknesses are. I want to know what weapons they have access to. I want to know who their allies are and how they secure their money and supplies.

I want to know this so that I can destroy them before they destroy me. It could not be more simple.

I want to know more about Islam only to the extent that it allows me to discern between sworn enemies and potential friends. I know what my religious beliefs are and I'm not about to change them.

Leftists continually whine about the suppression of speech. That when we talk about the "blame America firsters" that we are attempting to muzzle debate about how to win the war. I welcome input on how to win, hell I'll even debate with people who think we shouldn't fight because there is never a justification for killing. What I won't listen to is some idiot trying to tell me that America (usually they spell it with a "k" as in "Steve fucking Earle") has only itself to blame for 3000 dead at the World Trade Center.

I was raised to respect God and Country. We stood up, put our hands over our hearts and said the Pledge of Allegiance every day back in the stone age when I went to school (I'm 42). We also had disaster drills where the teachers taught us what to do in case of a nuclear attack (go into the hallway, "duck and cover", and kiss your sweet ass goodbye). There were fallout shelters all over the place. Up until the early nineties, there was always the possibility that something could happen, miscalculations could be made and civilization would end (I guess the weapons are still out there to do this but the constant tension isn't there).

We knew who the enemy was then. We knew their ideology, that they would "bury" us (or so they said). And, for the most part, our schools and our parents and our ministers taught us that our philosopy was superior. English and social studies classes didn't talk about "patriarchy and sexism" or have lesson plans covering "systems of oppression" including "capitalism and white supremacy" and discussing "tools for liberation." This wasn't taught because this was the philosophy of our ENEMIES.

A society that teaches its young that it is corrupt and evil cannot survive. Spoonfeeding kids anti-Amercan propaganda all these years is catching up to us. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson -these men weren't heroes they were SLAVEOWNERS! Communism is morally superior to capitalism! The inequalites of outcome produced by the captitalist system are RACIST AND SEXIST! White men are EVIL! AmeriKKKa is a cesspool of greed, hatred and RACISM!

Of course Washington and Jefferson WERE slaveowners, but they also founded a great nation whose constitution, which Jefferson was instrumental in crafting, virtually doomed the institution of slavery. Rewarding the industrious (and sometimes just the lucky) by letting them keep most of the wealth they accumulate has yielded a vast middle class. Even the poor in this country have microwaves and stereos and refrigerators and automobiles; there are a lot of people in the world who would envy how the poor live here.

We've done a hell of a lot of things right as a nation. Yes, we've done some terrible things too. But, as a free and democratic nation we openly discuss our failures and try the best we can to correct them. No place else on earth is as self-critical of its government.

We have too many people in this country who don't know what is important. Too many who don't believe ANYTHING is important enough to fight for.

If we don't stem the tide against them, they'll redescover what our forefathers knew. Freedom is important enough to fight and to die for. And if you take it for granted, it will be taken away from you.

FOXNews.com Sen. Murray Defends Bin Laden Comments

"I have to tell you that it's really important that people don't twist or construe remarks that were made to an AP student group in a Vancouver high school," she told Fox News in a Senate corridor after attending a "power coffee" with the 13 other women senators on Capitol Hill.

OK. What is it that you did say, Senator?

In the meeting with students, Murray asked why bin Laden is so popular in some places around the world. Her answer was caught on tape by the school's video department.

"He's been out in these countries for decades building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities and people are extremely grateful," she said. "He's made their lives better. We have not done that."

Let's see...OBL is popular because he is building good things and people are grateful. Contrasted with America who has not been doing the same. Translation: OBL = good USA = Bad

Several experts said it's true bin Laden has spent some of his money in the Sudan and Afghanistan on infrastructure projects such as building hospitals, schools and roads.

But they say most of those roads were built to take soldiers to and from training camps, the schools built were madrasas, which often indoctrinate students to the bin Laden brand of Islam, and the hospitals were not intended for average Muslims but for injured Mujahadeen fighters battling the Soviets.

Diplomats, biographers and aid workers all say bin Laden's popularity does not stem from his benevolence, but from his message of hate towards Israel and the United States.

Duhhhhhh. How hard is it to figure that out.

She just doesn't get it; what a dim bulb. Nobody is accusing her of sympathizing with al-Qaeda (well I kind of did earlier but that was just bashing). The problem with her remarks is that her conclusion was terribly wrong. The problem with her explanations afterward is that she refuses to acknowledge that she was wrong. Again, THE RADICAL ISLAMIC NATIONALISTS HATE US BECAUSE WE ARE INFIDELS AND MAINTAIN A TOLERANT SOCIETY.

They don't hate us because we drive SUV's and Jesus wouldn't. They hate us because we CARE what Jesus would have us do!

What a nimrod!

Wednesday, January 08, 2003


I've been sitting here at work, taking a break, drinking a beer (great benefits here) and listening to Damon and Naomi - Playback Singers and reading Steven Den Beste's latest post.

Now I doubt that the imams would allow me to do any of that if they gained control. But I'm gonna send Galaxy 500 and Luna discs over to Tehran so the students over there can make the mullahs listen to it in their jail cells. Until their ears bleed.

Den Beste's post was taking on the "why they hate us" clowns:

Though none of them actually rejoiced about the death and destruction which was involved, there were a lot of people in Europe and even in America who secretly were glad that we were attacked in September of 2001. They viewed the US as something of a renegade, full of itself, even cocky. They hoped that the attack would deflate the American ego, make Americans feel vulnerable and alone, and cause America to realize that it needed to join in with the various international post-national political initiatives that it seemed to steadfastly refuse to support, such as the Kyoto accords and formation of the International Criminal Court. The leftist Poohs hoped that the American Tigger would become less bouncy.

Such people then watched with rising horror as the opposite took place. Americans came to care even less about world opinion, and came to feel not only more confidence but also a rising determination to do what was necessary even if it had to be done without any assistance from anyone else and even if everyone else opposed it. Tigger steadfastly refused to be debounced.

See, what was supposed to happen was that in the aftermath of the attack, America was supposed to be convulsed in a nationwide orgy of self-examination and self-recrimination, where it would come to realize all the awful things it had done and to accept that it was arrogant, overbearing, and just generally not a very nice bunch of people. And a newly-humbled American public would then cease to embrace all those stupid ideas like the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to say whatever you feel like, and instead join the growing world consensus in the creation of a new Utopia.

America was supposed to meditate on why they hate us. Unfortunately for them, we did consider it and came to the conclusion that they hate us because they're a bunch of incompetent losers who are shamed by our success.

Right on.

I came upon an analogy here. Telling America that she was attacked because of her success is like telling a woman that she was responsible for her rape (come to think of it, they do that in the "Religion of Peace" don't they).

"Well dear, you really can't blame those men who forced themselves upon you. After all, you are beautiful and desirable. And you dress in such nice clothes making yourself even more seductive. You dare to be assertive and independent. You show too much skin."

"How could they resist your charms? But in seducing them, you made them feel impotent and weak. They knew they were not worthy of your beauty, so they despised you. As their lust for you grew, so also did their shame."

"You made them hate themselves for the feelings they could not control. If only you had covered yourself and made yourself plain, then they would not have lusted after you. By being so visible and assertive you threatened their manhood; this they could not tolerate."

"So, you see, it is you who are to blame. You should not have taunted them with your seductive beauty. Now that you have paid the price, now that you have been humbled - repent your sins and you may re-join our community. Never again shall you display your beauty, never again dare to be special."

Anybody would see that this is bullshit. So why do they expect us to beg forgiveness and surrender our soveriegnty to a bunch of UN dimwits? If we seduce the world with freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to pursue our dreams then so what. What a dreary world it would be if the United States weren't in it - if our constitution didn't exist, if we didn't exist as a nation of mongrels, half-breeds, angels, demons, intellectuals, low-brows, cowboys, stockbrokers, secretaries, doctors, Mormons, Baptists, atheists, raelians, Muslims, Jews, gen-Xers and gen-Yers.

So I'm going to blog my rant and hope that it makes a difference. I'm gonna drink my scotch and hope my liver doesn't fall out. I'm gonna listen to Neil Young, Wilco, Spoon and The Silos, Son Volt, Luna, Television and The Replacements. I'm gonna enjoy my freedom and exercise it every way I can.

And when it's threatened, I'll defend it like a rattlesnake. You don't have to love America, just "Don't Tread on Me".


The 4th Circuit doesn't think so much of traitors:

U.S. citizens overseas who take up arms against their country can be held as enemy combatants without the constitutional rights afforded other Americans, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

The decision by a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond., Va., affirms President Bush's authority to detain indefinitely American citizens captured in foreign battles or those who participate in terrorist attacks against U.S. interests.

Good. Screw the terrorist bastards. I hope the stay in a cell in Gitmo until their toes fall off.


Day after day the casualties mount; Americans killed in Yemen, Christians massacred in Pakistan, Israelis shredded by nail bombs. In rant after rant the mullahs and imams confirm the holy justification for the slaughter. It's on the news every night; it's in print every day. The Islamofacists are making no attempt to cover up their intentions - THEY WANT US TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE COMING FOR US.

They also know, like Saddam, that the longer they extend the conflict the more they can count on American public opinion to turn against the war. Americans don't have the stomach to fight - no convictions, they say. And when they see pompous assholes like Donahue, Chomsky, and Moore parrot the anti-war line, they believe that they are winning.

We are engaged in the begining of a long ideological struggle with the forces of radical Islam. The apologists, the "root cause" sensitivity clowns, the snot nosed anti-capitalists, the brain damaged anarchists, and all the other appeasers deny this. They think that if we stop driving SUV's and start building roads and schools in Somalia then the world can be at peace. If only we would sign Kyoto and surrender our soverignty to the United Nations, then we would be safe, free from the envy that fuels the hatred of our enemies.

I've got news for you (in case you've been in a coma for the last 14 months) - they don't care about roads, they don't care about schools, they sure as hell don't give a damn about Kyoto. What they want is to a) kill or convert all Jews to Islam b) wipe Israel off the face of the map and b) convert all Christians to Islam. The Islamoweenies have been screaming this from the rooftops for anyone who will listen. They don't want to sign a peace agreement; they want to win a war.

We won't gain security by understanding the grievances of these vile murderers. They cannot be bribed to leave us alone. They will never love us. The only solution to this conflict is to wage total war against them until either a) they understand that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY EVER that they can win or b) every last murdering one of them is dead.

If Charles Rangle, Jimmy Carter, Patty Murray, Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Jane Fonda are watching the same newscasts as I am, it makes me wonder how much they really value human life. Is it OK to kill Jews and Christians because of their religious beliefs? Is it OK to massacre volunteers in hospitals? Is it OK to slaughter little children on buses?

I don't want to live in an America that doesn't take sides against bloodthirsty monsters.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003


This kind of bullshit is really making me cranky (fucking pissed off) tonight:

"Osama bin Laden's Egyptian lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri, has called for attacks on "all Americans", in a message attributed to him and sent to Cairo lawyer Montasser al-Zayyat."

"By God, do not prevent new Muslim souls from taking part in the Jihad (holy war), which consists of killing all Americans, just like they kill us all," Zawahri purportedly said in an e-mail, the lawyer told AFP."

Jihad consists of killing all Americans and Jews. How nice. Now let liberal apologists for Islam give lectures about the different meanings of "jihad". The only definition I care about is the one applied to it by the homicidal maniacs who send their sons and daughters to die slaughtering innocents because of their religious beliefs.

"The Jihad against the enemies of God who kill us all over the world surely comes at a price. This price is minimal, whatever it is, since it is a matter of satisfying God and reaching paradise," he wrote in the message."

Where exactly are Americans killing Muslims? The last time I checked we tried to help starving Muslims in Somalia only to get shot at by the local warlords and then we were attacking the Serbs in defense of the Kosavar Muslims. But that doesn't count. We are a part of the "Jewish-Crusader Alliance" and must be exterminated as enemies of God. Sean Penn are you getting this?

"Do not question an act which leads to paradise," read the message sent to the Internet site of Al-Mostaqbal (the future), an organisation founded by Zayyat."

Do not ask what kind of savage God commands you to slaughter innocent women and children to earn a whorehouse heaven. Do not ask why your sons and daughters must die to satisfy your blood hatred. Do not ask why gang rape is an appropriate punishment for a woman who has been seen with someone of a different caste. Do not ask why...just obey like the mindless imbeciles you are. Sleep, sleep until we need you to become a human missle...then awaken and kill in your ignorance and hatred...rest assured 72 virgins await you!

This has passed the point of any reasoning or negotiations. The Euroweenies haven't figured it out, but a lot of us on this side of the pond have. This is war - the only way war can be - all out, no holds barred, total. We win or they do.

I know what side I'm on. Do you?


From Michael Moore.com : Mike's Words : Mike's Messages A Thanksgiving Day Letter from Michael Moore

"It is Thanksgiving 2002 and it would seem that there is little to give thanks for this year. W. has scored an unbelievable hat trick and is now the first Republican since Eisenhower to control the House, the Senate and the White House. There is no getting around just how damned demoralizing and depressing this is. I wish there was a way to put a better face on what has transpired, but my well of optimism is just about dry."

As dry as your puny, hate-filled little mind. Try this - be thankful that there were no more terrorist attacks in America this year, be thankful that, as a result of American efforts, women in Afghanistan can go to school, be thankful that you live in a country that allows freedom of speech - even for a self-absorbed, America-hating, marxist asshole like you.

"Bush has his "mandate" for war, his "mandate" for global frying, his "mandate" to turn our government into his own private corporation."

"Global frying"? So now you are omniscient, eh MM? You KNOW that rejection of Kyoto means the end of us all! Why don't you read a little bit about it (not just the people who agree with you) and then get back to us.

His own private corporation? I don't see Bush turning the Lincoln Bedroom into a cash cow; I don't see Bush whoring his administration out to the Chinese government.

"Even worse, African Americans, whose right to vote was the most egregiously violated (and who usually are the first to stand and fight injustice), seem to have given up. Betrayed, forgotten and taken for granted by the Democrats, black voters saw no reason to revolt in 2000-and little reason to show up in 2002. They got the message loud and clear: "This is White America-we call the shots, we run this place, so shut the f*** up and stay home. The polls have closed for you."

Man, you have a lot of anger inside you Mikey. Why don't you go over in a corner and scream and cry and get it all out...oh wait, that's what you do at the piece of crap you call a website isn't it. What a pathetic loser you are.

Show me one proven instance of the disenfranchisement of blacks in the 2000 elections. I'll save you the time, there aren't any. Only brainwashed morons like you think that there is some systematic effort by "the Man" to nullify the black vote.

The way to improve your lot in this country is by going out and working hard every day. Applying yourself at school and at work. Putting in the extra effort. You and your buddies on the far left think that the government should step in and and make it all better for everyone! To hell with the hard workers, its not FAIR that one person should have more than another.

My grandparents grew up on a farm during the depression. My father was a school teacher, my mother a secretary. I usually had a pair of jeans and a few shirts (mom bought everything on sale) and some PF Flyers (cheap tennis shoes). I damn sure didn't have Nintendo and all the shit that kids feel deprived without today. And I never looked at anybody and wished I had what they had. I never spent time feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't rich.

I worked hard and made good grades. I worked at a gas station, a Dairy Queen, in a grocery store and as a construction worker through high school and college. I graduated from college with high honors.

I got out of college during a recession and after all of the hard work I got a job for $5.83 an hour in 1985. I had to room with three other guys in a two bedroom apartment because I didn't have enough money to do anything else. I've worked for that same company for eighteen years now and now I'm part of its management. I do a lot better now. But I still have to bust my ass every day to make sure that the work comes in and gets produced at a profit - so our employees get paychecks every two weeks and their families have health insurance and so that some of them will have the same opportunity I had.

The point of the story is that I worked hard and stayed with it, even when things didn't look so hot. I never, ever, looked at the government for a helping hand - never blamed anybody else when times were hard.

What if I had spent all that time feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth? or just running around having fun and letting work or school take a back seat? Would it be fair for me to look at my fellow citizen now and ask him to open up his or her wallet for me so I could enjoy the life that I hadn't worked hard enough to earn? Is it fair to attempt to use government as a tool equalize outcomes when the efforts and talents of those concerned are not equal? Who should make those decisions about which citizen is deserving of a better life and who gets less?

Life ISN'T fair. It isn't EVER going to be fair. I wanted to be a professional basketball player and it isn't FAIR that I only grew to be 5'10" tall. But I'd damn sure rather have the market decide whether I'm doing a good job and have a valuable service to offer than some fat-assed bureaucrat in Washington who worries about "feelings" and "fairness".

All any citizen should ask is that they be treated equally under the law and be free to pursue their happiness however they define it (as long as its legal). To ask more is to become a disgrace - like Michael Moore and his fellow travellers.


Our pal Mikey is making a lot of new friends in Britain:

"What we did not expect was to feel so enraged at one point that we almost walked out. It was when Moore went into a rant about how the passengers on the planes on 11 September were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white (emphasis added). If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody."

Fatso the Clown was also bitching on stage about how terrible it was that he was only getting paid $750 per night. Let's see...$750 x 5days/week x 52 weeks/year = $195,000/year. Tough life isn't it Bozo? If you didn't want the fucking gig at that price then don't take the engagement, idiot. What a shameless display of bullshit "I'm a STAR" attitude! Especially considering what a small fry he really is. HOW DARE THOSE LIMEYS NOT BOW DOWN AND OPEN THEIR WALLETS FOR MIKE THE ANTI-CAPITALIST CRUSADER SATIRIST! DON'T THEY KNOW HOW IMPORTANT HE IS? HOW MANY PROLES HE'S SAVED FROM THE EVIL BUSH REGIME!

And just for your information douchebag, the people on those planes did what was accepted as proper proceedure before 9/11 - they cooperated with the hijackers assuming that they would land the plane somewhere and ask for something in return for the hostages. When the passengers on the plane headed for the Capitol were informed what had happened in New York, brave people like Todd Beemer (geez wasn't HE white?) stormed the cockpit and crashed the plane (causing their own deaths in case you didn't notice Fatboy).

Here is a public challege to you Michael Moore. If you think white people are such wussies, I challenge you to come down to Dallas and I'll kick your big fat marxist ass until you scream "George Bush is my Hero" and "I love Capitalism".

Any time you feel man enough jackass.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Somehow I screwed up and cut off the end of my last post leaving me unable to edit it.

The point was with - 3000 dead at the World Trade Center, Christians being systematically murdered in Nigeria, slavery still exisiting in Sudan, innocent Israeli civilians being murdered by the dozen, women being sentenced to jail time for being raped in Yemen, Iranian writers being sentenced to death for writing that the state may have made mistakes, people starving in Africa because of the EU's stance on genetically engineered foods - there are plenty of issues that should prod people into action.

The ELFies are an insane bunch to get so worked up over automobile gas milage standards when so many more important issues confront us (not to mention a war).

This is one of the main reasons why Democrats continue to see their strength erode. They think that the most important things on people's minds are cheaper prescription drugs, global warming and abortion. While these are issues that people care about, they pale in comparison with what we are confronted with globally from a foreign policy standpoint. As long as the Dems continue to fight the President over the global scope of the war on terrorism, as long as they express their "concern" over the treatment of prisoners of war at Gitmo and the execution of terrorists via Predator in Yemen, they will continue their downard trend.

My blogfriend Max, The World's Most Confused Jew takes on the Earth Liberation Front:

"On the home front, we've got what rightfully should be the latest addition to the Pentagon's list of terror organizations, the Earth Liberation Front wreaking its own psychotically green havoc on mankind. Apparently, the group torched a dealer's lot full of SUVs in Pittsburgh yesterday."

It seems to me that there are a lot more pressing issues confronting us today than SUV's poor gas mileage. I bet these people don't give a second thought to doing stem cell research on aborted fetuses or cloning human beings to harvest organs, but that get all in a lather about CAFE standards.

Since these retards don't have a clue, here are a few things to work on that might actually do some good: fight to end chattel slavery in the Sudan and Mauritania; fight against the terrorist rule of Sunday, January 05, 2003


This is unbelievable:

"OAKLAND - It's just another day at the School of Social Justice and Community Development."

"In culture and resistance class, the assignment is to compose a rap about an important issue in the city of Oakland, a proposal to add 100 police to the city's force."

Culture and resistance class? Resistance of what? A fucking education that's what. Let's teach the kids to rap instead - that'l look real good on their employment application.

"I can't rap," says Antoine Henderson, surveying the lyrics on his paper: "Why they want to bring more police in the town / Just for them to attack the black and brown."

"But his teacher offers a bit of encouragement. "A lot of the rappers that are out now, they can't write anything like this," says Boots Riley, himself a rapper. "This sounds good." Antoine beams."

Great. Reinforce the sterotype of police as "the Man" keepin' the black folk down at school. SCHOOL is supposed to disabuse them of such notions. But then that would require TEACHERS.

"The scene is just one example of the unusual curriculum at Social Justice, a new public school in a tough section of Oakland that recruited about half its 124-member student body from group homes and juvenile halls, and by allowing dropouts from other public schools to re-enroll. (The rest of the students graduated from district middle schools.)"

Boy, how would you like to be one of the lucky 62 kids who get to go to school with a bunch of thugs from juvenile hall? Great learning environment I'll bet.

"The intent is to educate, and this is a method in which we believe, and have had some experience at -- reaching students who normally don't get reached," said Kali Akuno-Williams, the school's co-director.

"We're trying to engage them with education that's relevant to their direct lives, what they experience day to day." In the end, school officials want their students to be able to succeed in college."

What? How are they going to succeed in college learning about rap music and cop-hating? Am I missing something here - like reading, writing and arithmetic?

"That means classes and assignments that might raise eyebrows elsewhere. But this is a place and a student body facing challenges that aren't issues elsewhere, administrators say. About a fifth of the city's more than 100 homicides this year have occurred within a mile of the school."

So the reaction to a rash of homicides is to hate the police. Great reasoning skills Antoine.

"On a recent school day, Sarah Fuchs' English and social studies class talked about patriarchy and sexism, and discussed an essay assignment on how colonialism affected Africa."

You just knew this was next. Cops, white men and colonialism - they are responsible for the homicides in Antoine's neighborhood. None of those kids in juvie were responsible for what they did - they're just product of the corrupt system of white male patronage, sexism, colonialism and capitalism! Dammit, they've discovered our secret they will all have to be liquidated now. Send in the black helicopters.

"It was part of a lesson plan covering "systems of oppression" including capitalism and white supremacy. Another section of the plan called for discussing "tools for liberation."

Oakland fucking public schools are teaching that capitalism is a "system of oppression". This shouldn't suprise me coming from an area where people think that sex change operations should be covered on employee health care plans (what's next, penile enlargements? breast implants? nose jobs?).

"Biology teacher Omar Hunter taught his class about the periodic table, then gave them an assignment: Write a ransom letter to President Bush. Students were to pretend they were holding an element for ransom, listing its physical and chemical properties and why it is crucial, along with their demands, he said."

Way to go Omar! Let's teach the kiddies how to write a RANSOM NOTE! Good practice for when they become good little marxist terrorists. What a disgrace.

"When Riley's students finished their writing session, they attended a news conference held at the school opposing the proposal for 100 new police. A few students spoke as did former Black Panther Bobby Seale, and principal Wilson Riles Jr., a former mayoral candidate. After school, about 45 students and teachers protested alleged police brutality."

First of all, it is not approriate for a public school to sponsor political action events. Hell, you can't hold a Boy Scout meeting there but Bobby Seale, a founder of the murderous Black Panthers, can come a speak to the lads! Bobby Seale who finally admitted that the Panthers were a bunch of murdering thugs. Great role model for the youngsters, Riley.

"Rasaun Jones, 17, said his teachers call to make sure he's doing his homework and update his mother on his progress. "I love it," he said.

"Rasaun dropped out of the sixth and seventh grades, then went to jail several times for offenses including robbery and petty theft, he said. Now, his goal is to attend college, take business courses and eventually run his own record label."

"If you aren't going to school, you aren't going to do anything in your life," he said."

I'm sure Huey Newton would have been proud.

"Social Justice tries to tailor its curriculum to reflect its mostly black and Latino student body. The social activism is in the tradition of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a 1960s civil rights group, Akuno-Williams said."

There you have it. Let's take troubled youths, teach them that American society is dominated by hateful while males who have created an evil capitalist system to take advantage of "people of color" all over the world and then show them how to protest against the police and write ransom notes to the President. New course offerings include How to Make a Molotov Cocktail, Jury Nullification (O.J. Wuz Innocent), and Terrorist Networking 101.

What the hell is wrong with people in Oakland? Is that haze over the city made up of pot smoke?

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