Saturday, February 22, 2003


Chris Matthews asked this question of guests on Hardball tonight. His point was that we had the right to self defense but that after the war is over we will have no right to continue to occupy the country and dictate their future form of government. When one guest pointed out the post-war occupations of Germany and Japan, Matthews pointed out that we didn't tell the Germans and Japanese that we were liberating them but that we were DEFEATING them.

What makes Iraq any different?

The government of Iraq is making war inevetible. Our goal should be the complete and unconditional surrender of Iraq. We not only have the right, but I believe we have the responsibility to create a post-war Iraq that is a liberal democracy. How could we, in good conscience, leave the country in a shambles? Beyond just being bad for the Iraqis, removing the American prescence from Iraq would cripple the "War on Terror" and support the continuing repression of the mullah's in Iran.

We have to have learned to do better than that.

Friday, February 21, 2003

This morning I read about the Iranian transport that crashed killing its military crew.

I am sorry about the loss of life.

However, I read in the same article that the Iranian government blamed the US because the embargo, imposed since 1979, has left Iran unable to secure proper spare parts and mainenance to their aircraft.


I seem to remember that 1979 was the year that you crazy sick fucks overran the US Embassy in Teheran and took the diplomatic personnel there hostage. And you think we ought to sell you REPLACEMENT PARTS TO YOUR MILITARY AIRCRAFT? I say again - FUCK YOU ALL YOU SICK FASCIST MUSLIM THEOCRATIC BASTARDS. If you'd take the shackles off of your own people, maybe they'd be able to make replacement parts for the aircraft themselves.

I'm tired of America being to blame for every tragedy that happens around the world because we didn't spend 500 Billion dollars to correct somebody else's mistakes. Where are the French and why aren't they responsible to solve all the world's problems. After all, their empire covered a whole lot of it not to long ago...places like - French Equatorial Africa, French Guiana, French India, French Indochina, French Morocco, French Algeria, French Polynesia, French Somaliland, French Togoland, French West Africa (now Dahomey, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Upper Volta, Guinea, and Bali), etc. Those snot-nosed imperialist, "Butt Sucking Appeasement Weasels" ought to be responsible for cleaning up the messes in the countries they left (their grubby, clawing hands being pried from their colonies by the United States) behind before the ungrateful bastards start lecturing the US on OUR responsiblity to the rest of the world.

I've got friends I NEVER talk politics with sending me derogatory articles about France. I don't think Chirac has any clue about the time-bomb that he started when he set France on an adversarial course with America.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

A hypothetical for you Marty Sheen.

George Bush castigates NATO for it's refusal to send defensive reinforcements to Turkey. "The French and Germans should not get involved in issues that they know nothing about. They missed a good opportunity to remain silent."

I'd bet ol' MAR-enn would go into full seizure mode if POTUS made a statement like that. "This is just another example of the kind of unilateralist, cowboy-gunslinger mentality that makes the rest of the world resent us. We cannot treat our friends and allies as if their opinions don't matter. When this outlaw adminstration spews such bellicose rhetoric, it invites further attacks from our enemies....after all, as Cheryl Crow said - The way to protect ourselves is not to have enemies."

Why the silence from Hollyweird when Jackie Chirac treats Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, and Britain like red-headed step-children?

The ongoing war against the Islamo-fascists has uncovered the rift in between European states. The fault line runs between the pro-British and the pro-Franco-Germany blocks. The Eastern Europeans, having been betrayed by the French before and having first-hand knowledge of the horrors of Marxism, are much more inclined to the US-UK model. In fact, France and Germany seem to be isolated with only Belgium and Holland in their camp. Chirac's petulant behavior has only solidified the support of the other EU and EU hopefull countries to the US-UK position.

Over beers on Tuesday a friend said to me, "I'm no pacifist but I don't see why we need to go to war when the inspectors are in the country doing their jobs." He is no weasel and I have only respect for the guy. So I gave him the history - the inspectors were ready to give the Iraqis a clean bill in 1994 when two people defected - Hussein Kamel and Khadir Hamza. Both men gave American intellegence proof of an ongoing Iraqi nuclear weapons program - a program inspectors, in much larger numbers than those on the ground there today, had no clue existed. When confronted with this information Saddam blamed it on Kamel claiming that he was running a rogue weapons program and hiding it from the government. Now, could even a dope like Martin Sheen believe that one of Saddam's close relatives was running a rogue nuclear weapons research and development program without his knowledge?

For some inexplicable reason, Kamel returned to Iraq and was executed by the government.

Throughout the mid-90's inspectors were intimidated to the point of having weapons fired over their heads to prevent them from going anywhere the Iraqis didn't want them to go.

Given this track record, what reasonable human intellegence could conclude that anything short of an occupying army would be enough to find the Hussein's remaining weapons programs?

I suppose if you spend your whole life prentending to be someone other than yourself, if your life exists of playing out make-believe happy endings - you can extend that dreamworld to psychopathic, mass-murdering dictators. In your perfect world construct, these people would be able to be reasoned with. In la-la land goodness triumphs over evil by the power of positive thinking.

In the real world however, evil men arm themselves with toxic arsenals in order to enslave their people. They don't care about reason. Like the bully who steals your lunch money, they know only that they can get away with it - if you are too weak to fight. And no matter how many hours you spend in the weight room, if you don't have the guts to stand up to the bully....if you can't bring yourself to take him down with any means necessary - you lose. The problem with this analogy is that if you lose a fistfight maybe you get a busted nose or lip or a black eye - they all heal. If we make a mistake and let Saddam's WMD get into the hands of Al-Qaida or Hamas or Hezbullah it will mean tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands dead.

Does Hans Blix really inspire that much confidence in you? Would you risk your life and the life of your family memebers and freinds that Blix is anywhere near tough enough to find the weapons that Iraq is hiding from the inspectors?

I won't. Enough already. Let's get on with it.

We are going in. There is nothing the Iraqis can do (and with all the support from the French, Russians and Chinese there is certainly nothing that they WILL do) to stop the invasion. The sooner it happens the better it is for the Iraqis and for the Americans and for our allies.

And once we're through we can take care of that unhinged, flaming, asshole Kim Jong-il.

Random Nuclear Strikes has a new term for the Hollywood Hysterics - "Butt Sucking Appeasement Weasels".

Hmmm. It has a ring to it don't you think.

Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Janine Garrafalo - Butt Sucking Appeasment Weasels all.

We need to formulate an alternative to the Million Modem March - how about flooding Hollywood with faxes and e-mails to all the production companies, agents and other enablers of these idiots.

Is there a crucial time that it could be done? During the taping of a "West Wing" episode maybe?

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Instapundit points us to Chirac's tell-tale tantrum:

"At Mr Annan's hawkish stance, Mr Chirac stood up and, with Gallic passion, began a defence of the French position.

Flinging his arms up and down, he declared that war was a terrible thing and that thousands of innocent people would lose their lives in a second Gulf war. "It is a question of life and death," he said.

It was suggested that, at this point, the most dramatic moment of the evening occurred. Silvio Berlusconi, the diminutive Italian premier, eyeballed Mr Chirac and insisted: "I'm just as concerned about life and death as you are."

He asked the French president to consider what happened to innocent people in Bali and in New York's twin towers.

Then, the normally mild-mannered Bertie Ahern, the taoiseach, interjected and pointed out that the only person getting away with defying the will of the international community was Saddam.

He added that the weapons inspectors could not go on indefinitely.

By this time, Mr Chirac was positively steaming at the pro-American forces reigned against him. But there was more.

Jan Peter Balkenende, the new Dutch prime minister, underscored the hawkish line, saying the issue was Iraq's full compliance and that it was now just a matter of weeks, not months, before the matter had to be resolved. "We have to reinforce the pressure on Iraq," he said.

Spain's Jose Maria Aznar also called for international cohesion, pointing out that the UN had only got so far with the Iraqi dictator by threatening force.

Then, Tony Blair said his piece, deriding the 12 years of deceit by Saddam and stressing he had to come into compliance "100%".

Looking at his colleagues one by one, he told them bluntly: "There is no intelligence agency of any government around this table that does not know that the government of Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

In a passionate conclusion, the prime minister said: "If Saddam stays, the Iraqis will pay with their lives."

Later, at his press briefing, a bouyant PM was asked about ill-feeling over the hors d'oeuvres and roties aux truffes. He smiled quizzically. "It doesn't help if we simply fall out with each other. I'm not commenting on the French position. They have got their position, we have got our position."

Indeed, it seemed on one level Paris and London had worked out a viable compromise. The key phrase being that the inspectors "must be given the time and resources the UN security council believes they need. However, inspections cannot continue indefinitely in the absence of full Iraqi co-operation."

Yet, judging by the temper of the French press conference, one could be forgiven that, having been edged out over the Nato deal on defensive aid for Turkey, Paris was once again feeling a mite left out in the Belgian cold.

Mr Chirac, who last year put off a UK-France summit after Mr Blair was supposedly "very rude" to the septagenarian politician, let fly at the eastern European EU wannabees, who came out in print so fervently in favour of the UK-US position and against the "old Europe" axis of France and Germany.

In a few well chosen mal mots, the French premier let rip, saying: "They missed a great opportunity to shut up."

He went on in his best professorial tone: "These countries have not been very well-behaved". They had acted "recklessly" by not appreciating the "danger of aligning themselves too rapidly with the American position".

What IS he hiding? The French look more and more guilty every time something like this happens. Are we really expected to believe that the French are so much more concerned about innocent lives than the rest of us?

Rory Lee is at it again. Awfully rude to keep pointing out how stupid the anti-logic of the opposition (tsk, tsk):

"I'd like to share with you some excerpts of a BBC news show on the war found on Andrew Sullivan's site:

My name is Don Arthurs of Birmingham. I'm very much against this potential war with Iraq unless it's absolutely unavoidable. It's not the British way to attack
another nation unless we ourselves are attacked, and that's something which we cannot ignore.

Rory Lee responds: Except, you know, World War I, and II, and Crimea, and the Boer War, and the Falklands, the Napoleonic Wars, the entire 19th century and most of the 18th. . . don't they teach British history in those schools?"

Those silly Brits. What COULD they be thinking?

Thanks Aurora.


I pulled out some Neil Young tonight - Zuma at first. It made me think about what I was doing in the aftermath of 9-11.

I woke up that morning a little late. The phone rang while I was in the shower - it was my brother, calling from New York, but there was no message - only his number on caller ID. I got in the car and noticed that he'd also called me on my cell phone - when your brother calls you twice that early in the morning you wonder if there has been some family emergency - I started up the car and got on my way to work. The radio was tuned to the sports radio station I usually listen to on the drive in - the first hint I had was hearing "things will never be the same" and wondering what the hell they were talking about. It didn't take long to figure out what had happened.

When I got to work everyone was huddled around the small TV's that we keep up there to watch sports when we have to work on weekends. The general mood was dark - I think most of us thought that World War III had started (I'm still not sure that we were wrong in that evaluation). My brother finally got through to me to tell me he was alright - I called my parents to let them know. Our office building was ordered to be evacuated and I headed home.

On the way home I called the girl I was dating at the time (she is from New York and her parents still live there) to make sure that her family was OK. Then I called my ex-girlfriend to make sure her sister and her family were safe. I talked to her on the phone while sitting on my front porch - it was a beautiful day here; I was in a stupor.

The next few days alternated between terrible sorrow and bloodthirsty rage. And somewhere in between there was surging patriotism - love of country and fellow citizen.

The reason Neil Young's music makes me think about this is that I was listening to some of it at the time. I pulled out Hawks and Doves to listen to the title track. It was written, as I recall, in response to the Iranians taking the hostages at the embassy there in 1979.

"The big winds blow
so the tall grass bends
as for you, don't push to hard my friend

Ready to go
willin' to stay and pay
so my sweet love
can dance another free day

I was touched by the demonstrations of sympathy all over the world. 200,000 at the Brandenburg Gate!

What in hell has happened since then?

NY's music also makes me think of the video of his I have of a concert in Berlin in 1982. When I first saw it many years ago I thought - how strange it must be to go into East Germany to this little oasis of freedom, always in peril, always on the front, and perform for these people - of a different culture and language. I thought at the time that this was evidence of an incredible bond between our peoples - how wrong could you be?

The United States went to the brink of nuclear war repeatedly in the post-war period to ensure the freedom of what was then West Berlin.
We poured money into Europe and Japan to rebuild war shattered economies. We orchestrated the airlift to defeat the communist blockade in the late forties. Tensions over Berlin remained high through the sixties. We could have walked away. After all, what did it mean to us Americans the fate of a few hundred thousand Berliners? Why should we have put our cities at risk of nuclear annhilation for Paris or Amsterdam or Berlin? Why not just let the Red Army roll through Europe if they wanted to? Why did I have to drill on disaster evacuation when I was in grade-school?

American citizens were human shields for the Europeans from 1945 until 1991. We were the trip-wire; the Russians understood that an attack on Western Europe was invited full-scale war with the United States. This was not an idle threat. Now we understand clearly who appreciates that and who spits on their friends. Britain, Spain, Italy, Australia, Poland and many of the eastern European countries look at us and understand that America is more than just an economic and military superpower - we are the beacon for democracy and freedom.

France and Germany look at us and see a rival. Can't they see that we tire of providing for the freedom that they take for granted?

I read today that Rumsfeld is looking at options to punish the Germans (economically) for their betrayal. Good. Enough is enough.

Monday, February 17, 2003


Bill Whittle knows where the the spineless protesters come from:

"Terrorism can never, never destroy this nation. They may kill thousands of us, perhaps even take one of our cities - cities they could never build, filled with people they can never be. Perhaps it will be my city. Perhaps it will be me. But if they do, life will go on. Some things are bigger and more important than our own lives. America can survive the loss of a city. America can survive the loss of all her cities. Because our image and idea of America lives in our hearts, and as long as there are Americans alive in the world, America will survive.

But there are people that do scare me - people that scare me very badly indeed, because these people have the power to kill this idea we call America.

We have turned our children's minds over to certain people who are so bitter and angry, so hateful of the country that gave them birth and safety, that their poison now fills our college campuses and has overrun entire communities. These are not loyal dissenters who rightfully question the policies of our nation, but small and diseased people who cannot understand why their fantasy ideologies are never in vogue, who can see nothing noble or magnificent on their foggy and dim and very close inner horizons. People whose anger and envy have driven them to turn all virtue into an ironic smirk, people who react to strength and morality with the revulsion born of a lifetime of failure and dark plans for revenge on the happy, the confident and the self-reliant.

I fear these people. I hate them. I hate them because they can kill our confidence, corrode our will, poison our history and make us believe we are the base, savage and dismal society they see through their cataracts of failure. These people can kill America. And they are determined to do it if we let them. And the one thing they mock and spit on, the one trait they despise above all others, is the physical and moral courage that they have never known, and that is the leaden nugget of their self-hatred.

There are people - Americans - who would turn this into the Land of the Guilty and the Home of the Terrified. We cannot let them do this. We simply can not."

Let's start with the Oakland public schools that run programs that teach juvie kids to rap and send ransom notes. Nobody else is going to teach kids that America is a good country - that it is an idea about freedom and democracy that is worth fighting, and yes, dying for. We have to do it.

Amen, brother Bill - We CANNOT CONTINUE TO LET THE YOUTH OF THIS NATION BE CORRUPTED BY BITTER OLD MARXISTS. If we don't stop it, we'll collapse from within.

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