Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Our ex-molester-in-chief gives his views on American foreign policy....................crickets chirping..................(hat tip: Tim Blair):

"Our paradigm now seems to be: something terrible happened to us on September 11, and that gives us the right to interpret all future events in a way that everyone else in the world must agree with us," said Clinton, who spoke at a seminar of governance organized by Conference Board .

"And if they don't, they can go straight to hell."

No, you stupid a-hole. Our "paradigm" now is that we will no longer tolerate two-faced, dictatorial regimes who harbor and fund terrorists - whether or not they have direct links to al-Qaida. And, you're right - if you fund terrorism, if you develop WMD, if you threaten American interests we will send you directly to Hell - do not pass Go do not collect 200 dollars.

The Democratic former serial adulterer -ed. president, who preceded George W. Bush at the White House, said that sooner or later the United States had to find a way to cooperate with the world at large.

"We can't run," Clinton pointed out. "If you got an interdependent world, and you cannot kill, jail or occupy all your adversaries, sooner or later you have to make a deal."

If we "got" an interdependent world, should we bribe (i.e., "make a deal") our enemies to keep a temporary peace? Ah, the legacy of your sorry foriegn policy - When in doubt - appease!

He said he believed Washington overreacted to German and French opposition to US plans for military action against Iraq and suggested that the current administration had trouble juggling foreign and domestic issues.

The French and Germans stabbed us in the back. They didn't just object to our policy, they worked to form a coalition to torpedo it. They tried to prevent us from moving defensive forces into Turkey to defend a NATO member, for heaven's sake. Bush did not "overreact". He formed a coalition with more than forty other nations and then acted to enforce the UN resolutions when the weasels were unwilling to. Now he's giving the French the cold shoulder.

This is called D-I-P-L-O-M-A-C-Y. Apparently, your idea of practicing it means that everybody has to pretend to be friends and say nice things even while getting kneecapped. Sorry, Bozo, we saw how it worked out when you did it. It's time to try a different way.

Please, somebody get him a couple of co-eds to fondle so he'll stop giving interviews.


Why is it that the same people who argue that "violence never solves anything" and urge us to "give peace a chance" are always resorting to violent protests when they don't get their way? So much for the collection of Gandhis on the other side of the argument.

Australian Broadcast Corporation News Online reports (via Instapundit and The Command Post):

Greek Police have fired tear gas as anti-Iraq war protesters hurled molotov cocktails in clashes in central Athens just several hundred metres from where an EU summit was in progress.

Protesters threw rocks, bottles of paint and petrol bombs at the Italian, French and British embassies.

Earlier about 100 demonstrators occupied a British Airways office in an Athens suburb to protest against Britain's role in the US-led war on Iraq.

OK. The war is essentially over, so what are they protesting? The only reason to have this kind of protest now is to prevent something from happening. What? The release of children from political prisons? The freeing of "enemies of the state" from underground torture chambers? The arrest of terrorists like Abu Abbas?

These are the same numbskulls that protest every time the World Trade Organization meets. A loose association of anarchists, Marxists and socialists. Funny that they are against UN action on trade but criticize US actions as illegitimate unless they carry UN approval. Come on boys and girls, what is it? Do you want a global governing body or not?

Oh, I see - it must be an anti-capitalist dominated UN and then they'll approve.

They don't seem to like freedom very much either. Free people are harder to control - it seems they don't want the government telling them how to live their lives, politically or economically. How then to bring about world socialist utopia?

I've got it! We can install Tim Robbins as the One World Dictator. Then everything will be OK!

That "chill wind" is giving me chilblains Timmy. Hurry to the rescue with your fire-bomb wielding buddies. Maybe we can stop the Great Satan Bush yet!

Some people never learn. That's why Texsanity is here - to teach them with our handy 2x4 of wisdom.

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