Monday, May 12, 2003


Merde in France gives us yet another reason to hate the French (via Little Green Footballs):

The posts where I stated that young French kids were downloading OBL's mug to the cell phones (here and here) have provoked quite a few e-mails from disbelieving Frenchies. They assure me that what I say is untruthful, that I'm exaggerating, and that such a thing could never happen in sweet sweet France. After all, we are in a civilized country known for its culture and respect of human rights. This isn't the Gaza strip or Southern Lebanon. Bullshit. France has become a country populated by savages that glorify terrorism as a form of political expression as long as it happens someplace else. So much the better if some Americans are killed, but as soon as it happens on the commuter train at Saint Michel station they sing a different tune. So here's my reply to those e-mails. Yes, you bunch of fucking savages, it's happening here in France. Now go fuck yourselves.

Yes, these are the same people who moan and cry about American imperial intentions. Bush = Hitler, and so on.

The French defenders of ....monetary interests. Crusaders against......America.

The French made war inevitable by announcing that they would vote against a second resolution no matter what its content.

They fought for the lifting sanctions against Iraq (and actively violate them) while the monsterous Saddam Hussein ran his youth reeducation prisons and torture camps, but now they fight against lifting the sanctions after the Americans have deposed the brutal regime that was their reason for being.

I ask you, what is more imperialist than supporting a brutal dictator to secure lucrative oil contracts and illegal arms sales? Where is the uproar when Chirac visits Algeria with representatives of TotalFinaElf and Airbus in tow? Can you imagine how the Democrats would scream if Bush visited a former colony (wait the US doesn't have any) with the CEO's of Exxon/Mobil and Lockheed/Martin along for the trip?

The French stance is all about money, power and influence in other words its all about money (and oil).

And now this latest slap in the face, French children glorifying Osama bin Laden, mass murderer.

Good background information. We must understand our new enemy, France.

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