Saturday, May 24, 2003


Jonathan Rauch has a good article about Amerikkaphobia at http://nationaljournal.com/rauch.htm

He quotes James Moore:

"As the United States government becomes more belligerent in using its power in the world, many people are longing for a 'second superpower' that can keep the U.S. in check," writes James F. Moore, of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, in an article that he posted online. The newly energized Left is just such a force, he argues. True, "the second superpower is not currently able to match the first. On the other hand, the situation may be more promising than we realize. Most important is that the establishment of international institutions and international rule of law has created a venue in which the second superpower can join with sympathetic nations to successfully confront the United States."

You realize what he is saying here? The creation of international institutions influenced by such champions of human rights as Russia, China, Syria, Libya and Cuba creates a venue for some emerging superpower (I'm sure he's hoping its a French dominated EU) to confront (read obstruct) the United States.

Excuse me while I vomit......OK...better now. Now this is hardly surprising. The left has been sympathetic to socialism and the international Communist movement since the start of the twentieth century. Just go read an analysis of the Venona intercepts if you want proof that Whittaker Chambers (and Richard Nixon and Joseph McCarthy) were right - Alger Hiss was not only sympathetic to the Soviet Union but supplied Soviet intellegence agencies with information that undermined US foreign policy. All for the noble purpose of preventing US hegemony, of course.

If you are going to be a part of a movement to frustrate US foreign policy, it seems to me that those who do so should be judged by the forces they ally themselves with. The United Nations have not been too picky about who they elect to say the Human Rights Commission lately have they (or, conversely, who - the US - that they haven't elected). And of the Security Council permanent members who has the least amount of blood on their hands, historically speaking? Russia? A country that allied itself with Hitler at the onset of WWII and killed more than 20 million of its own people by bloody purges and ruthless mass starvation after it? China, who crushed student dissent with tanks in 1989 and continues to perpetuate human rights abuses this day? France - an imperial power whose national vanity dragged it into disaster in Vietnam (also sucking America into the quagmire) and whose adventurism in the Suez crisis forced Eisenhower to publicly back them down?

No, the anti-American Left will going to bed with bloody dictators and ruthless oppressors in order to battle the Great Satan, Amerikka. They understand the grievances of the Islamofascists and ask us to address the root causes of Islamic rage for the sake of peace.

Islamic societies are failures because the repress women and deny proper education to their people. Their religious-statism stifles all incentive to create and thus their once-great societies stagnate. There isn't anything the United States can do about that. Do you seriously thing that passing Kyoto would make them like us? Hell, it would depress world oil prices - do you think they'd like that?

We give Egypt approximately the same amount of aid each year as Israel - why doesn't their society prosper like the Israelis'? Because, their failure is about what they don't do, not about what WE don't do. Essentially, we bribe the Egyptians not to go to war against Israel again and as a result we pay twice, matching the Egyptian bribe with an Israeli one. But we don't give Israel the money to keep them from attacking their neighbors. Why is it that people don't understand this? The agression in the Middle East has always been one-sided. The Arabs always attack the Israelis over their tiny patch of land.

In conclusion, James Moore is an f-ing idiot.

Thursday, May 22, 2003


Whenever George Galloway opens his sickening pie-hole, I am overwhelmed by the gag reflex:

We first spoke on the 14 January, which is an auspicious date. One of the newspapers I'm suing, the Christian Science Monitor, has me in Baghdad personally picking up $3m from Saddam Hussein's son, and carrying it over three national frontiers, but in fact I think you'll find I was sitting in my office in Westminster with you. So you have a small part in this legal action I'm involved in.

Yes. Not exactly the first scrape you've been in with the authorities now is it George. I see by your picture though that all of this unpleasantness (not to mention your one man fight against the global hegemon) hasn't kept you away from the tanning salon. Bully for you!

I hope Mr Blair is proud of himself. He really has done everything that he can to ensure the reelection of the most rightwing fundamentalist American president the country has ever seen

It may come as a suprise to you, being such a dedicated Stalinist and spending so much time with murderous dictators 'n all, but the opinion of the British Prime Minister isn't the big swing vote for the American electorate.

I don't believe at all that the war is over. I don't believe it's the end or remotely near the end. I said that when Baghdad falls, as fall it must given it's being assailed by two such superpowers, that will not be the beginning of the end but just the end of the beginning. We are already, much more rapidly than most people predicted, into a cycle of occupation violence and resistance violence. Young children in Iraq are throwing rocks at occupation forces and receiving volleys of automatic fire in return.

I'm sure you were hoping for a little more resistance but anything will do as long as it harasses the Americans and your own countrymen, eh Georgio? Tell your masters in Iraq (or Syria or wherever they are hiding) that sending loyalists and al-Qaeda sympathizers at our troops is just fine with us. We'd rather kill those murdering thugs than have to keep an eye on them to prevent them from further rape, torture and executions.

As General Kelly said, "They appear willing to die. We are trying our best to help them out in that endeavour".

There have been several massacres, in Mosul and Falluja. It should come as no surprise; this is the way they do things.

Ahh, now with the lies. The BIGGER THE BETTER - that's what your buddy Saddam taught you wasn't it? What about some proof a-hole? Ever heard of evidence?

Anyone who knows anything about Vietnam will not be surprised that when they think they are under attack the safety catches come off and the live fire is unleashed.

That's a novel idea - troops returning live fire when attacked...how dare those American pigs! I've got an idea Galloway, why don't you go over there and act as a human shield? Stand between the warring parties and martyr yourself for the cause?

What's that? Oh, I understand, silly me...of course, you couldn't spend all of that blood money that Saddam bribed you with to flak for his murderous regime if you are dead!

I honestly don't think there are many people left in the UK who believe the reasons given for going into this war, even those who supported the war. It's come to something when the British people have been fed such a diet of deception in order to persuade that to commit such a crime as this.

This is laughable considering the source. Can we believe that you "honestly" think anything you aren't paid to Georgie? How are the British people supposed to figure out what the truth is when their own MP's are on the take from the Iraqi government?

I'd be lying if I said there was a way they could undo this damage. I don't think they can even if Mr Blair had a Damascene conversion tomorrow, and - heaven forbid - had second thoughts.

Well, if your mouth is moving, as they say, you are probably lying.

It will follow Blair and Bush through history, and unfortunately the two countries that they led as well. My own demand is for the withdrawal of foreign occupation forces, for an Arab League force to enter the country to help stabilise the security situation and to proceed immediately to free and fair elections - not a stooge, hand-picked government.

Great idea! Let's ask the most brutal and repressive governments on earth, all with different tribal and religious disputes with the Iraqis, to come in and "stabilise the security situation". Yes, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia all known for their attention to human rights, women's rights and their democratic and representative governments. Why don't we just set fire to the place and burn it to the ground, you moron.

The Americans have declared that no Islamic government will be allowed to emerge from any free election - therefore it isn't a free election. And we're some years from that rigged election.

And your point is?

I think we declared that no Nazi government would be in control of Germany and forced democracy on the Japanese as well after World War II. Seems to have worked pretty well to me.

I have no doubts now that I am the victim of a systematic campaign of forgery. Anyone who looks at the CSM [Christian Science Monitor] documents, even my worst enemy, would realise that not only are they false, but literally could not be true.

The CSM documents had me on the payroll of Saddam more than one year before I ever set foot in Iraq or met any Iraqi official; they had me collecting $3m in cash on a day I was sitting here with you in my office. Anyone who looks at the rhetoric will laugh at them.

The idea that I could carry $10m [home] is preposterous as well as absolutely defamatory. There is no doubt that there are forged documents about me in Baghdad.

I'm not able to say who did the forgeries; I certainly know who benefits from them. I'm not able to explain how they came about, but I do know that what's in them is a lie of fantastic proportions.

What a commedian. He knows that there are forged documents but doesn't know how they "came about" or what's in them. But he does know that whatever is in them is a "lie of fantastic proportions". Bwaaahhhaaaaaaahhaaha!

No, George. You know that there is documentation of your treachery in Baghdad and you are very, very afraid that the Americans and British are in control of the evidence that will send you to prison.

I wonder if they have tanning beds where you're going? Wouldn't want to lose that healthy glow now would you GG?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003


I've been away from my post for awhile - busy with work and follwing my Dallas Mavericks throught the NBA playoffs.

Palestinian Murder Machine

One thing I don't understand is why people cling to the hope that the Palestinian Authority can be negotiated with to bring about peace. It is obvious that the PA doesn't control Hamas and Hizbollah and doesn't even have full control over its own murderers (like Fatah).

The motivation for Israel to negotiate is promise of peace and security. It has been obvious for several years that the PA does not have the power to guarantee that. This being the case, why should the Israelis make concessions that make their borders less secure? That give the terrorists a safe haven on the West Bank and in Gaza? They'd be insane to do that regardless of how many sucide bombings occur.

Until the terrorist organizations are completely crushed there will be no peace. No negotiation will bring peace - only the realization of the terrorists that they have been completely and utterly defeated; that they have no option but to live in peace with the Jewish state as a neighbor or die. History tells us that this will be the case and we ignore it at our own peril.


Michael Moore is threatening to blow the lid off of the Bush Adminsitration's complicity in the 9-11 attacks according to Drudge Report (among others).

Boy, you could just see this coming couldn't you.

Emboldened both by the recognition of his award winning (non)documentary and by the jeering of his legion of critics he's going to sign up for round two. The man clearly has no conscience. No slight of camera, no dishonest editing, no misrepresentation is beneath the Rotund One.

Can't hardly wait to see how he connects the dots between the Bush oil interests, the Saudi Royal family, W's drinking problem, the Texas death penalty, Enron, the Trilateral Commission and the Illuminati to enlighten us about the evils of the current repressive "regime" and its complicity in al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks. Of course it helps in making your case if you have no problem with say....lying.

As many have pointed out, Moore, so worried about the American culture of Death and obsession with the right to gun ownership, should do a REAL documentary about the adverse health effects of obesity (which he at least should know something about) which kills a WHOLE lot more people every year than "guns". But there is no way to blame Bush 43 or the average "Ugly American Capitalist" for his inability to turn down a Big Mac, so I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for that particular movie to come out.

Mikey, just make a movie about the World Worker's Party or Karl Marx or, maybe better, how about Stalin. If you think the free market economy is so horrible and we ought to give Communism another try, please make a "documentary" about how future Communist Utopias will avoid murdering the tens of millions of people that the original experiments in socialism (USSR, China, Korea, Eastern Europe) did. I would love to be enlightened.

Back to work now. Must make more money so I can pay my taxes to support NPR!

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