Saturday, June 14, 2003

I got a letter today that I almost threw away. So much junk mail comes in and I have a tendency to trash whatever looks unimportant. But then I looked on the back of the envelope and it was sent from Australia.

The Prime Minister, John Howard, sent a letter to little ole me! I know, I know ...it was a form letter to all of the people who e-mailed in gratitude for his support of America in the conflict with Iraq. But still, it's cool to get a response. Hell, I'd forgotten I'd even sent the e-mail (I was prompted by a link at Tim Blair's website).

The text reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Stinson

Thank you for your recent correspondence concerning Iraq. I very much appreciate your words of support.

There has always been a special bond between the people of Australia and the people of the United States. We share a common love of freedom and respect for democracy.

The decisive victory of the American-led coaliton reflects great credit on the strength and determination of President Bush's leadership. Through its action the coalition has sent a clear signal to other rogue states and terrorist groups alike - the world is prepared to take a stand.

The Australian Government does not for one moment regret the decision to join the coalition of the willing. Australian military forces have participated with just cause, in an action properly based in international law, which resulted in the liberation of an oppressed people.

We are enormously proud fo the magnificent job done by our defence personnel but we also pay tribute to the contributions of the American and British forces. They have behaved and conducted themselves with great honour and distinction and set new standards of integrity and ethical behaviour in military conflict.

All the coalition partners are now focussing their efforts on rehabilitating Iraq's dilapidated infrastructure and renewing its social, economic and political framework. I am deeply moved to think that for the first time in my lifetime the people of Iraq have a real and genuine opportunity to have a free, open and democratic society. I am confident that with our support and assistance they will achieve this objective.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write me and for your support.

Yours sincerely,
John Howard

Thank God for the Aussies.

Thursday, June 12, 2003


Al Guardian finally published something intelligent and then they follow it up by giving press to a decrepit moron like this:

The playwright Harold Pinter last night likened George W Bush's administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, saying the US was charging towards world domination while the American public and Britain's "mass-murdering" prime minister sat back and watched.

Very original Harold! Bush=Hitler! However did you come up with that?

Pinter, 72, was at the National Theatre in London to read from War, a new collection of his anti-war poetry that had been published in the press in response to events in Iraq.

I will be waiting for your anti-child political prison poetry. How about a protest against mass murdering dictators? Can you really be so blind in your hatred of America that you would close your eyes to the suffering of the Iraqi people caused by Saddam Hussein? (probably)

In conversation on stage with Michael Billington, the Guardian's theatre critic, Pinter said the US government was the most dangerous power that had ever existed.

Given to a little hyperbole are we dear Pinto? More dangerous than a nuclear armed Josef Stalin? More dangerous than a mass-murdering Nazi Germany? What in the hell have you been smoking?

The American detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where al-Qaida and Taliban suspects were being held, was a concentration camp.

Yes... the prisoners are so mistreated there that they are gaining weight. A stark contrast to the treatment of American prisoners of war in Iraq. Or, since you love the analogy, a wee bit better than the Jews were treated before being marched off to die in real concentration camps.

What a miserable patch of excrement you are!

The US population had to accept responsibility for allowing an unelected president to take power and the British were exhausted from protesting and being ignored by Tony Blair, a "deluded idiot" Pinter hoped would resign.

O, I beg to differ - it is you who is a "deluded idiot" - and that's being kind. President Bush was elected - by the Electoral College, the body that casts direct votes for the US presidency.

Just like with the Nazi slur, you don't care how much you lie as long as Bush is the target.

After a big operation for cancer, Pinter returned to public life last year to speak out against American belligerence. He called it a return from a "personal nightmare" to an "infinitely more pervasive public nightmare".

Perhaps they removed to much grey matter along with the diseased bits, eh? Sorry to pick on an invalid...no, wait - I'm not in the least sorry.

The playwright said: "The US is really beyond reason now. It is beyond our imagining to know what they are going to do next and what they are prepared to do. There is only one comparison: Nazi Germany.

What are you talking about? Do you actually inhabit the same world where the rest of us live?

"Nazi Germany wanted total domination of Europe and they nearly did it. The US wants total domination of the world and is about to consolidate that.

"In a policy document, the US has used the term 'full-spectrum domination', that means control of land, sea, air and space, and that is exactly what's intended and what the US wants to fulfil. They are quite blatant about it."

There is quite a difference between a country wanting military superiority and a country waging war to dominate others. Not that I would expect an imbecile like you to understand.

Pinter blamed "millions of totally deluded American people" for not staging a mass revolt.

He said that because of propaganda and control of the media, millions of Americans believed that every word Mr Bush said was "accurate and moral".

I blame millions of totally apathetic Britons for not rising up and killing Harold Pinter! I intend to smite them down if a fit of self-righteous anger! A pox upon them!

Americans no more believe every word Bush says is "accurate and moral" than they believe everything the read in the New York Times or The Guardian or everything they see on BBC World.

Generally, Americans have a little bit more refined internal Bullshit Detector than our friends across the pond. This comes in part from two centuries of dealing with French.

Just because a lifetime bureaucrat like Hans Blix or Kofi Annan or a mealy-mouthed little ass-kisser like Jaques Chirac says the US is wrong on some foreign policy issue doesn't make it so. In fact, the opposition of those particular clowns would strongly indicate that we're headed in the right direction.

The US population could not be let off scot-free for putting the country under the control of an "illegally elected president - in other words, a fake".

Not elected! Not elected!

If you repeat a big lie enough, people start to believe it. Something you have in common with the worlds greatest despots and murderers, Harold.

What in the hell do you care anyway? Who appointed you judge and jury over the alleged sins of the American people? We elected him and we overwhelmingly support the job he has done - including the war. You're not a citizen so you don't get a vote. So, Fuck Off.

You are 72 which means you were born in 1931. I'd like to read your scathing denunciation of the Soviet people for their unelected dictators - from Stalin to Gorbachev. ....crickets chirping.... That's what I thought.

He asked: "What objections have there been in the US to Guantanamo Bay? At this very moment there are 700 people chained, padlocked, handcuffed, hooded and treated like animals. It is actually a concentration camp.

Liar, liar pants on fire!

They were cuffed and hooded during transport TO Guantanamo. They are prisoners of war and are being treated as such. Treated well enough, as I earlier pointed out, that they are "actually" gaining weight.

So, whether you want to call it a prison camp, a detention center or a "concentration camp" it doesn't matter. They are not being mistreated - denied liberty, yes, but that is an unfortunate consequence of being captured by your opponent during a freaking WAR.

"I haven't heard anything about the US population saying: 'We can't do this, we are Americans.' Nobody gives a damn. And nor does Tony Blair." Pinter added: "Blair sees himself as a representative of moral rectitude. He is actually a mass murderer. But we forget that - we are as much victims of delusions as Americans are."

Well, you haven't been listening very hard, hosebag, because I watched a Congressional Hearing this week where members grilled John Ashcroft on the subject of detentions and processing of "enemy combatants". A lot of people do "give a damn" but they also care about protecting this country from Islamic facists who've been infiltrating us for quite a long time with the intent of real mass murder - not the fictional kind you accuse Blair of.

And while on the subject of mass murder, it is you who should be held accountable. You and all your Marxist, anarchist, America-hating, lying fanatics who give cover and comfort to the worst dictators and killers in the world. If anyone should be compared to a Nazi its you.

I don't know why I get so exercised by numbskulls like Harold Pinter - he's a PLAYWRIGHT for heaven's sake.


TheGuardian of all places digs up the truth on the false "looting" stories:

Back in Baghdad there was anger. On April 14, Dr Donny George, the museum's director of research, was distraught. The museum had housed the leading collection of the continuous history of mankind, "And it's gone, and it's lost. If Marines had started [protecting the museum] before, none of this would have happened. It's too late. It's no use. It's no use." .....

On June 1, George was reported in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag as reiterating that witnesses had seen US soldiers enter the museum on April 9, stay inside two hours and leave with some objects. When asked whether he believed that the US military and international art thieves had been acting in concert, George replied that a year earlier, at a meeting in a London restaurant, someone (unnamed) had told him that he couldn't wait till he could go inside the National Museum with US soldiers and give it a good pillage - ie, yes.

So, there's the picture: 100,000-plus priceless items looted either under the very noses of the Yanks, or by the Yanks themselves. And the only problem with it is that it's nonsense. It isn't true. It's made up. It's bollocks. ....

George is now quoted as saying that that items lost could represent "a small percentage" of the collection and blamed shoddy reporting for the exaggeration.

"There was a mistake," he said. "Someone asked us what is the number of pieces in the whole collection. We said over 170,000, and they took that as the number lost. Reporters came in and saw empty shelves and reached the conclusion that all was gone. But before the war we evacuated all of the small pieces and emptied the showcases except for fragile or heavy material that was difficult to move." .....

One art historian, Dr Tom Flynn, now speaks of his "great bewilderment". "Donny George himself had ample opportunity to clarify to the best of [his] knowledge the extent of the looting and the likely number of missing objects," says Flynn. "Is it not a little strange that quite so many journalists went away with the wrong impression, while Mr George made little or not attempt to clarify the context of the figure of 170,000 which he repeated with such regularity and gusto before, during, and after that meeting." To Flynn it is also odd that George didn't seem to know that pieces had been taken into hiding or evacuated. "There is a queasy subtext here if you bother to seek it out," he suggests.

How does the museum's director of research NOT KNOW that most of the pieces had been evacuated BEFORE THE WAR? And if he did know, as he must have, why did he let the reports of 170,000 items being stolen go uncorrected?

The damage to America is already done. People all around the globe hear and read reports of the "looting" of Baghdad and how the American soldiers did nothing to stop it (and maybe even participated in it) and it reinforces all of the other slanders propogated in the press. When it turns out that it was all a lie nobody pays attention.

There's a new lie being pounded into the public consciousness now - "Bush Lied about Iraqi WMD Programs". It's amazing how the Democrats in Congress can ignore what they said in support of the war effort (and the reason for the war) and what the Clinton administration had to say about the matter and jump straight to the conclusion that Bush lied. Of course, they only want to have hearing - just want to find out the truth don't you know.

So there's the lesson for today kiddies - no lie is to outrageous to be parroted in the press as long as it is negative towards the Bush administration (domestically) or Americans in general (globally).

Meanwhile, the French continue to riot at home and abandon their obligations in Africa - that must be how the sophisticated behave.

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