Friday, July 25, 2003


The media around the world are kicking up a big shitstorm about the release of the Uday and Qusay photos. It's not like these are pictures of them hanging upside down in the street like the Italians did to Mussolini after WWII. The same morons who wonder aloud whether the Americans really killed them or if it has been faked prop up W's sagging poll numbers now whine that these two monster's human dignity has been violated. "Show me proof -ohhhhhhh, I didn't mean PICTURES!".

First, there was no dignity to violate. People who rape rape children and torture, mutilate and kill their political enemies DON'T HAVE ANY DIGNITY. Second, we were asked for proof and we gave it to the Iraqis - now they know those two are history. Third, it doesn't hurt for all the assassins out there to understand that, no matter how much they fear Gitmo, if the Americans come knocking on your door you'd better surrender - you get one chance and then the TOW missles start flying.

These two beasts got exactly what they deserved. I'm sure they are enjoying breakfeast with Satan in hell right now awaiting the arrival of theri good ole daddy - eternal damnation is a bitch isn't it boys.

Good riddance!

Thursday, July 24, 2003


I am leaving Dallas for the cooler confines of Minneapolis tomorrow afternoon. To the few of you out there who care, I'll be returning on the Monday (Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday).

In the great hinterlands, I will be reaquainting with a young lady of many year's friendship (I've not seen her in three).

Have no fear - I shall be back, in full spleen-venting splendor, on Tuesday, July 29th (if not earlier). I have links to a couple of Robert Fisk columns that should provide fertile soil for fiskings (say that three times).

In the meantime, peace and love (and find that dirty scum Saddam) from your good captain on the shores of White Rock!


Charles Rangel should really bother to take his head out of his ass when he gives interviews. If it's too deeply implanted up there, then perhaps surgical removal is indicated.


"We have a law on the books that the United States should not be assassinating anybody," Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes."

"We tried to assassinate Castro and we paid dearly for it," Rangel contended. "And when you personalize the war and you say you're killing someone's kids, then they, in turn, think they can kill somebody."

Earth to Charlie, they already thought they "can kill somebody". As memory serves, their dear old daddy Saddam attempted to assassinate ex-president G.W.H. Bush. Are you worried that Saddam will retaliate by killing the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara?

Perhaps we should back up here. When the marines come knocking on your door during an armed conflict you have two choices: surrender or fight. Once the fighting begins our troops should not risk any harm to themselves to try and capture the godless scum that are shooting at them. Sure, if the Hussein boys had walked out waving a white hankie our soldiers would have taken them prisoner; but they didn't.

This is a war, Rangle, you fucking idiot. Would you have castigated Roosevelt for bombing Hitler's bunker during WW II? During a war the military and political leadership of your enemies are legitimate targets - since they are the reason that the conflict exists. Removing them is essential. And killing them is just as good an option as capture.

They met their end a lot more humanely than all of the Iraqi citizens that they tortured, raped, poisoned and dropped into plastic shredders over the years. The world is a better place today because they no longer inhabit it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


On the platter today:
The Blake Babies: God Bless the Blake Babies

I have listen through it a few times and it is very good. A definite recommended buy - perhaps more in depth analysis later.


Citizen Dick Gephardt criticizes the President for "chest thumping" and other crimes:

But, Gephardt said, Bush's "utter disregard for diplomacy" and lack of a cohesive postwar plan left the United States isolated and vulnerable in an increasingly chaotic, lawless landscape.

"We've got 147,000 Americans there now, we're spending $4 billion a month in Iraq," Gephardt said. "It's not mere machismo to resist asking allies for help - it's absolute insanity."

A couple of points, Dickie. First, we have asked our allies for help and they are helping. Britain is helping, so are Poland, Italy, Spain and other allies. The French and Germans did not act as allies during the war and so asking them for help would be "absolute insanity".

What, may I ask, is Dick Gephardt's cohesive plan for the reconstruction of post-war Iraq that would have stablized the country faster than is being currently achieved by the administration? All I hear is bring in our "allies", bring in the UN. Like they have a great track record in rebuilding war-torn nations.

Mistakes are sometimes made but on the whole the rebuilding process seems to be on track. Of course you can't figure that out if you just listen to NPR or watch CNN or the BBC because they don't report on any of the successes. Sometimes that's due to the fact that US forces are operating secretly to pursue and capture or kill the remnants of Saddam's regime. Only occasionally will those efforts surface as they did yesterday with the killing of Hussein's brutal sons. More often, though, the lack of reporting on the positive gains in Iraq is due to institutional bias. These news organizations opposed the war and think that the administration's foreign policy is wrong-headed so they seek out stories to make a case for their beliefs to the public.

Things aren't all roses. But they certainly aren't as bad as the nightly news reports would lead you to believe. And they are getting steadily better.

Maybe Dick Gephart believes everthing he sees on the news. Maybe he's just an idiot. Or perhaps he's just a desperate politician taking a few roundhouse swings that don't come close as he lets out the last gasp of another faltering campaign for president. Probably all of the above.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

From a soldier in Iraq through Trent Telenko at Winds of Change - tells you what you already knew:

I heard one doofus on MSNBC the other night talk about how "nearly 60" GIs have been killed since 01 May. The truth is that 21 GIs have been killed in combat, mostly from ambush, from 01 May through 30 June, Another 29 have been killed by accidents or other causes (two drowned while swimming in the Tigris).

The MSNBC idiot is the same jerk who reported on the air that "dozens of GIs" were badly burned when two RPGs hit a truck belonging to an Engineer Battalion that was parked by a construction site. The truck was hit and burned, three GIs received minor injuries (including the driver who burnt his hand) and three warriors of Allah were promptly sent to enjoy their 72 slave girls in Paradise. Hell of a way to get laid.

A mosque in that shithole Fallujah blew up this morning while the local imam, a creep named Fahlil (who was one of the biggest local loudmouths that frequently appeared on CNN) was helping a Syrian Hamas member teach eight teenagers how to make belt bombs. Right away the local Feyhadeen propaganda group started wailing that the Americans hit it with a TOW missile (If they had there wouldn't have been any mosque left!) and the usual suspects took to the streets for CNN and BBC. One fool was dragging around a piece of tin with blood on it, claiming it was part of the missile.

The cameras rolled and the idiot started repeating his story, then one of my guys asked him in Arabic where he had left the rag he usually wore around his face that made him look like a girl. He was a local leader of the Feyhadeen. We took the clown in custody and were asked rather indignantly by the twit from BBC if we were trying to shut up "the poor man who had seen his mosque and friends blown up." I told the airy-fairy who [deleted] was and if he knew Arabic (which he obviously didn't) he'd know he was a Palestinian. I suggested we take him down to the local jail and we'd lock him and his cameraman in a cell with the "poor man" and they could interview him until we took him to headquarters. They declined the invitation. Guess what played on the Bullshit Broadcasting System that evening? Did the Americans blow up a mosque? See the poor man who is still in a state of shock over losing his mosque and relatives? Yep. Our friend the Palestinian.

I do love stories of terrorists blowing themselves up while making bombs. One less pest for the Marines to exterminate.

Read the whole thing, it will make your day.

Monday, July 21, 2003

As the news continues to focus on sixteen words in the State of the Union address, another dead soldier in Iraq and the rape charges against Kobe Bryant, I, sick of Aaron Brown’s smug monotone (he sounds as if he is plagued by perpetual nasal congestion), flipped across the channels to get some relief from the gloom. Never fear, Teddy Kennedy was on CSPAN...with flip charts no less...explaining how the administration is leaving children behind in education.

I may have missed part of his argument while searching through the cabinet for anti-nausea medication but the gist of it, which he thought quite damning, was that Congress was suggesting more money for the “No Child Left Behind” initiative than the administration asked for. Those miserly bastards in the White House dared to propose only a $200,000,0000 increase in the program in one of the out years. Citizen Ted is ready to round up the posse....better get some rope.

But let’s wait a sec before we start the hangin’s. There are a few little nuggets in the budget of which the good townsfolk should be made aware:

Training and Advisory Services (Title IV of the Civil Rights Act)

This program supports 10 regional Equity Assistance Centers that provide services to school districts on issues related to discrimination based on race, gender, and national origin. Typical activities include disseminating information on successful practices and legal requirements related to nondiscrimination, providing training to educators to develop their skills in specific areas, such as identification of bias in instructional materials, and technical assistance on selection of instructional materials.

Character Education

This program makes competitive awards to States and school districts for such activities as developing character education curricula, implementing model character education programs that involve parents and community members, including private and nonprofit organizations, and training teachers to incorporate character-building lessons and activities into the classroom. Programs must be integrated into classroom instruction, consistent with State academic content standards, and coordinated with other State education reforms. Elements of character include such items as caring, civic virtue and citizenship, justice, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and giving.

Teaching of Traditional American History

This program makes competitive grants to school districts to promote the teaching of traditional American history in elementary and secondary schools as a separate academic subject. The increase, which would double the number of grants to 360, recognizes the need to create and expand efforts to raise the level of student knowledge in this core academic area in order to prepare future generations of students become responsible citizens who vote and who fully participate in our democratic traditions.

We spend 131 million dollars per year to bribe local school districts, who should already be doing this, into teaching American History, instilling character into young students and teaching faculty how to be politically correct. While I agree that the history of our country be taught to all students why is any federal funding needed to specifically address this?

The 2004 request provides $12.4 billion, a $1 billion increase, for Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). Grants to LEAs is the largest Title I program and will serve an estimated 16.6 million students in more than 47,000 schools in 2004.

This represents a grant, from the federal government (us taxpayers) to state government (us taxpayers) of about $750 per student per year. Remember, this is in addition to state and local funds spent on education.

Uncle Teddy was touting Massachusetts schools as having proven the "No Child" formula even before it passed Congress. If this is so, it must mean that Massachusetts found out how to fund its own education needs before Congress enacted any legislation. Gee, what a novel concept....keep control of government closer to the governed (maybe there's hope for Mass. yet)

Why does an educated man like Teddy K. think that a dollar that travels from my wallet to Washington and then gets sent back to Dallas has more impact that a dollar that I pay directly to the local school district? Any rational person would admit that it is much more efficient to cut out the middle men in Washington.

No, no...no Teddy...if you do that the NEA loses power....if you do that the US Senate loses power over education. Of course, the federal government has no mandate to control local public school sytems anyway. But, unfortunately, this hasn't stopped idiots like big Teddy the tugboat captain beforeand it won't this time around.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I'm getting sooo tired of listening to the chattering of the Democrats over "Uraniumgate".

The essence of the issue is this: Do you support the war in Iraq, knowing all that you know now, or do you not? If Bush had not included the comments about Iraqi uranium procurement efforts in Africa would Dick Gephardt or John Kerry or Joe Lieberman have changed their votes?

No, they wouldn't have changed their votes.

The administration is mishandling this issue. Their first misstep was coming out and saying that they shouldn't have used the language in the first place. If British intellegence still stands by the evidence in their dossier as authentic and supported by evidence other than the forged documents that the CIA possesses, why bring up the issue? Bush should have said that what he said was true, that the British government still believes it to be true and that it was totally appropriate to include the information in the SOTU.

The dangerous thing here is that the continued sniping at Bush is emboldening Islamic forces in Iraq. I think that they sense weakness and so the mullahs are stepping up the pressure - like the demonstration over the weekend.

We may end up having to fight the Shiites. So it is probably important use all our resources to destabilize the government in Iran to help the student movement triumph.

If the Democrats really believe that the President was lying to the country, then they need to investigate and prove their case. If all of this is just politics, then they are endangering our success in this war (a war, by the way, that we still can lose) and unneccessarily risking lives of our servicemen by emboldening our enemies. And they should be punished severely for it at the polls.

This is a pretty high-stakes gamble. I just hope it doesn't cost more than a few unseated Democrat incumbents.

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