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We have a problem in Dallas. And it has to do with race. It’s about the black community refusing to grow up to the point where it can accept that a black police chief can be fired because he was doing a bad job. Oh, no…not here – when Terrell Bolton got fired it had to be racially motivated. The City Manager, Ted Benavides (Hispanic), conspired with Mayor Laura Miller (Jew) to “lynch” Dallas’ first black chief of police. This is what we face here – and it sucks.

Let’s review Chief Bolton’s record, shall we:

A recent federal crime report showed Dallas would have the highest crime rate among the nation's largest cities for the sixth year in a row if projections held true through the end of the year….

The Dallas Police Department has been under increased scrutiny following allegations of improper procedure during hiring practices as well as questionable officer-involved shootings.

In January 2002, the FBI began investigating how paid confidential informants set up dozens of innocent people on charges involving drugs that later turned out to be gypsum or some other legal substance.

The fake drugs were allegedly planted on the victims in investigations run by Senior Cpl. Mark Delapaz and Officer Eddie Herrera.

Delapaz was fired in April after being charged with five counts of deprivation of rights under color of law and one count of making false statements to federal officials. Herrera remains on paid leave.

Drug charges against more than 80 people were later dismissed by the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

The city has paid $5.65 million to settle lawsuits by police commanders demoted by Bolton after his hiring in 1999. Bolton didn't cite reasons related to their performance but spoke of the need for diversity in his top staff.

Bolton's leadership was questioned again when the department's internal affairs division announced this month that it would review hiring practices.

Maybe Chief Bolton should have been more concerned about his officers being involved in bogus drug arrests and less concerned about revenge against his political rivals in the police department. At least the city wouldn’t have been out that 5.6 million if Bolton had tried to mend fences and lead instead of cleaning house when he was hired.

And by the way, he was promoted over several more senior (non-black) officers and without any kind of national search of the type that would be expected to fill the position of Chief of Police in the nation’s eighth largest city. That’s my way of saying that he probably got the job in the first place because he is black.

Then, after all of the recent bad news about crime statistics, he does this:

Benavides said he'd asked for Bolton's resignation on Aug. 4, after the chief refused to attend Mayor Laura Miller's weekly crime meeting. Benavides said Bolton regarded the meetings as disrespectful and undermining his authority.

Oh, sorry to “disrespect” you Bolton but THE MAYOR IS YOUR BOSS. I would have fired his ass too if he refused to meet with me if I were mayor. Tough if he doesn’t like it – he has to show up anyway, just like the rest of us when our BOSS calls a meeting. Idiot.

So he gets a job he doesn’t deserve in the first place, does a poor job for four years and then snubs the mayor. You’d think that the case for his removal would be beyond question – you’d be wrong. Here’s what the local “leaders” in the black community had to say about the matter:

Councilman James L. Fantory described the firing as a slap in the face to the city's black residents.

"We will not sit back and let this continue ... This is a slap in our face like it's never been slapped before. We won't put up with this any more, this is not the 1950s," he said.

Of course, by making this reference he is implying that the City of Dallas is acting like it did in the fifties. Well, uh no. An hispanic City Manager firing a black Police Chief – when did that ever happen in the 1950’s?

City Councilwoman Maxine Thornton-Reese said she believed race was a factor in the firing. Others agreed.

"This is a dark day, a tragic day in the city of Dallas that in 2003, the mayor and her cohorts have orchestrated a public lynching of this city's first African-American police chief," said Darren Reagan, chairman of the Black State Employees Association of Texas.

There it is. You can’t fire an incompetent black man in Dallas or you are a racist. A “public lynching”? How can any serious person make such a claim. Bolton’s record has been abysmal.

And then the Good Chief had a few things to say:

"It troubles me that we live in a society today where just because you have a power and you have the wealth, you can disrespect a community like we were disrespected on Monday," Bolton said.

“Disrespected”. OOOOOOOOOH. How horrible! The most terrible thing of all! As the Chief of Police, the community you serve is the entire City of Dallas – not just blacks. The firing was the result of Bolton’s failure to serve Dallas well – not because of the color of his skin. The fact that he wants to make a racial issue out of it is, shall we say, illuminating of his philosophy towards the job.

Bolton said his situation is simply an example of what he calls serious issues Dallas must now face.

"We should not be afraid to admit we got a problem," he said. "And I don't know what my future holds, but I can tell you, from what I hear and from what I have seen today, the people will not be defeated."

Well, Terrell, the City Manager already admitted that we have a problem – a Police Chief who couldn’t get the job done – and he took the first step towards solving the problem. Firing your sorry ass. What do you mean “the people will not be defeated”? This is not a civil rights issue - what IS at issue is your crappy job performance.

Just when you think that the Mayor and Council will have the backbone to stand up to the race-baiters, enter former councilman (and jailbird) Al Lipscomb.

Big Al, once convicted on 65 counts relating to corruption and bribery during his long tenure as a member of the Dallas City Council, has now been appointed to the Citizen’s Review Board. That’s the body that reviews citizens’ complaints about the police department. Great – let’s get an ex-public official who served 26 months in jail for bribery (his conviction was overturned on “grounds unrelated to the evidence”) and have him sit in judgement of the police.

James Fantroy, who believes Dallasites are stuck in the 1950’s, was the genius who nominiated the convict. He apparently couldn’t understand why the council wanted to have a separate vote on Al’s nomination instead of having it lumped in a vote on all committee appointments as was the tradition. Hmmm, could it be the fact that he took $94,000 in bribes from Yellow Cab while sitting on the same City Council that was considering his nomination? No, it must be RACISM! Then Councilman Don Hill has the balls to say, “We need one other council member to stand up and feel our pain on this issue and support us”.*

I support the rights of “African-Americans” to be considered and hired for any position of which they are competent. They should be treated just like anyone else - as EQUALS, which means that when the Police Chief embarrasses the city and costs it tons of money and refuses to attend meetings called by the mayor he gets fired whether he is white, black or brown….period..

But the black power structure in this town can't take it when blacks are treated like equals, when they are held responsible for their actions on the job (and for the actions of their subordinates when they hold high level managerial positions). No, they want to make it an issue of race. Wahhh, wahhhh, he just fired me because I’m black. Give me a break.

So our spineless City Council offers up Al Lipscomb as a peace offering. The only ones who have salvaged any self-dignity in this fiasco are Laura Miller, John Loza, Mitchell Rasansky and Bill Blaydes who voted against the jailbird.

Dallas, yeah we got a problem alright.

*Dallas Morning News, August 28, 2003.

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