Thursday, November 27, 2003

I just saw a part of an interview with Michael Moore on CSPAN Booknotes with Brian Lamb. Moore, as is to be expected, was in his usual offensive mode.

Talking about a chapter in his booke "Dude, Where's My Country" entitled, "How to Talk to Your Conservative Brother-In-Law", Mikey insisted that there are a lot of people who claim to be conservative in this country who are "really good people". He suggested that if you asked these so-called conservatives a few questions like, "Do you believe women should be paid the same as men?" and "Do you want cleaner air and water?" you could determine that they are not really conservatives by their affirmative responses. Because these are "liberal issues". He asserts that these people just don't want to spend too much in taxes and that they are afraid (being too stupid, of course, to think beyond the latest government terror threat warning).

Well, there were conservatives before 9/11 and it is the height of ignorance to assume that conservatism is driven by fear. This is the central failure of "liberal" theology - namely, that anyone who has a policy disagreement with them is either an evil agent of big business or a moronic blue-collar worker scared into submission by the Republikkkan media machine. Earth to Michale Mooron - you don't have a corner on the TRUTH.

True conservatives fear the power of government most of all because the greatest atrocities in history have been committed not by corporations but by nations acting through their popularly (more or less) supported leaders. Moore might suggest that this is his point precisely, that Bush must be evicted...that American hegemony must be reversed - but what he really wants is an expansion of the power of Federal Govt. To make the water cleaner and the pay equal....but where does it stop? How much should we pay to clean the water and to what standard? Does the fact that women don't earn the same salaries as men prove that some illegal discrimination exists? In Moore's world all things can be fixed by well intentioned men if they are empowered by the government (and your tax dollars). And we all know that bureaucrats have our best interests at heart don't we?

The liberals want to think I'm evil or stupid...OK. Perhaps if they'd ever get outside of New York and San Francisco they'd learn a little bit about the country that they believe they represent (and that they truly hate).

Moore is such an idiot...what a waste of resources it is that he continues to consume food (at what can only be assumed to be an alarming rate given his girth), water and air. Whatever.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


My Bloglife began at 6:56 pm on Wednesday, November 27, 2002. In the run up to my anniversary I've decided to scan the archives for a few good rants. The following spleen-venting is reproduced from November 29, 2002.

"Joe Zarro, Brainwashed Imbecile"

The title of Joe Zero's diatribe: Join U.S. military, degrade humanity
From The Daily Aztec 11/20/02 view it at http://dailyaztec.com/Archive/Fall-2002/11-20-02/opinion/opinion01.html
Joe Zarro is an English junior and opinion editor for The Daily Aztec. (San Diego State University) (This is before I learned how to link - Ed.)

"Join the U.S. military and protect your country from itself. Go to distance lands and fight enemies engineered, funded and trained by your government. Mindlessly follow the orders to shoot slightly darker people from countries you know almost nothing about or fly really, really fast over a village and bomb women and children without slowing down."

We must kill the "slightly darker"...must bomb women and children...kill, kill, kill. I really should stop here - it's not fair to pick on the mentally challenged.

"Salute officers of the inner party who will pervert your sacrifices for profit. Answer to a bureaucracy controlled by politicians who use your life to pay back campaign favors to military insiders, who make huge sums from military spending. Risk your life so energy tycoons can have access to the second largest oil reserve in the world. And best of all, help maintain U.S. economic hegemony over the rest of the world, killing innocent people for your country's wealth."

Hegemony...great word Joe.

"People in the military are not necessarily immoral, corrupt or stupid. I personally care deeply for numerous people in the armed services. In many ways the intentions of military personnel are noble and admirable. They hear songs of pageantry and believe they are protecting the safety of U.S. citizens."

What? If they hear "songs of pageantry" and are inspired to "risk (their lives) so energy tycoons can have access to the second largest oil reserve in the world" by "shooting slightly darker people from countries (they) know almost nothing about or fly(ing) really, really fast over a village and bomb(ing) women and children without slowing down" you still don't think that they are immoral, corrupt or stupid? You can't have it both ways Joe...you can't criticize the actions of the military without criticizing the people who fire the guns and drop the bombs.

"In actuality, our military is designed for aggression. In the modern world of diplomacy and nuclear capability, our need for physical defense is extremely less than the number of troops and size of our budget. The only physical threat to Americans is covert terrorist action -- a problem solved through intelligence and foreign policy, not military might."

This guy is an ENGISH MAJOR? "In actuality" our military is designed to deter other nations from attacking us. In the "modern world of diplomacy" it is not possible to negotiate peaceful solutions between nations without the implied threat of overwhelming force. Nuclear weapons are useless in this regard, unless Joe is suggesting that we push the world to the brink of thermonuclear war every time we face a threat from a Saddam or a Kim Sung-Il. Exactly how do you solve the terrorist threat through "intellegence and foreign policy"? So, we know who and where they are and then what? We ask them to stop...pretty please with sugar on top?

"What we must realize is "national security" means economic security, and "military intervention" means securing finances, not physical well-being. Today's conflicts are about controlling the resources of a region and securing trade (Desert Storm and Kosovo are two prominent examples)."

Iraq invaded Kuwait and the United Nations voted to send forces to eject them. I suppose Joe would like a sadistic, immoral madman to control 20-30% of world oil supplies and possess nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Apparently, Joe doesn't think much of the lives of Jews and women in the region (nor much of the Europeans and Japanese who get the oil supplies from the gulf).

What exactly is Kosovo supposed to be an example of? Oh yes, I forgot, Kosovo...it 's a big market for the US! Halliburton and Exxon really have their eyes on Serbia.

"The bottom line is if you kill or get killed in the U.S. military, the death was for money."

You are truly a wretched individual Joe. A pox upon you (you can only pray it's not smallpox).

"The average private's level of political knowledge about the institution they support is ridiculous. They may know technical jargon about equipment and the workings of the military, but few know about the social repercussions of their job. They are trained to point and shoot, but never taught the real reasons why."

Well, they have one up on you...at least THEY know how to shoot.

"Again, I am only criticizing those in service -- not judging them as people. I understand many (far too many) are driven into service by social situations, and are there out of necessity, not ideals. Like most Americans, they are concerned about participating in society, not necessarily bettering it. The military provides economic incentives and job training in exchange for service, exploiting young people in need of a fair social structure."

Yeah, you are too good to judge people. Well, that is a cop out. If I see someone (or a group) mindlessly following orders to bomb innnocent men, women and children (for oiiiiiiilllll no less) I'll call it what it is ...murder....and I condemn murder and murderers. That IS NOT what the people in our armed forces are doing...and I bet a lot more of them get into the service for "ideals" than you think.

"You shouldn't have to join the military and kill Muslims for a leg up in society."

You don't lowlife! We live in a free country with a great economy. People flood across our borders to take jobs other Americans won't touch. Only a spoiled, flatulent asswipe like you thinks that people are downtrodden because they're not rich.

"I don't know everything now -- just enough to realize that most military recruits are being duped, and you're what the average person believes is the function of the military is bullsh**."

You don't know anything period. Thank God there are enough people in this country with a CLUE to protect you from the idiotic policies that you and your socialist buddies espouse. At least you'll be protected long enough to GROW UP...frankly, you don't deserve it.

"Yet when you join the military, you give years of your life to corruption and death. Today's soldiers are not heroes deserving of unconditional respect -- they are enforcers of economic domination with blood on their hands.

And how much of the cost of your education are you paying for? If you think this way then you do understand that your education is being subsidized by EMPIRE AMERICA. And the blood is on your hands because you accept the tainted money. Again, you can't have it both ways, simpleton. If you believe what you say, then you should be out protesting, laying yourself out in front of a tank (we can only hope), refusing to participate in the economic life of the country, not paying taxes, ending up a political prisoner. But no, you probably just go to Starbucks and drink grande lattes and smoke clove cigarettes with your snot-nosed, marxist buddies and whine about the political oppression and Ashcroft and stolen elections. You make me sick to my stomach.

You can e-mail Joe to tell him what you think at: opinioneditor@thedailyaztec.com

So Joe thinks that people who join the military give "years of their lives to corruption and death". Some people would argue that our military volunteers give years of their lives, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice of giving up life itself, to serving their fellow citizens. Some might make the point that risking your life to prevent rape, torture and mutilation from continuing to be used as tools of repression is a noble cause. But not Joe.

Hope you enjoyed this chestnut from the annals of Texsanity.


The morally bankrupt SF Gate.com asks "Is it wrong to root for the Iraqis?" (hat tip Instapundit).

Now the question is non-specific about which Iraqis it might be wrong to "root" for. I venture to guess that they meant to ask whether the "pool" of Bay Area residents thinks it is wrong to favor the Saddamist/Jihadi terrorists currently murdering American, Coalition and Iraqi reconstruction forces. The only other way to read it is as asking whether it is wrong to hope the Iraqis are successful in reconstructing their country and building a democracy after decades of Baathist repression - which is almost as stupid.

Their "contributors" seem to have mixed emotions. One idiot had the following to say:

I'm definitely torn, because I obviously don't want any more of our soldiers getting killed, but I also wouldn't mind the quagmire going on just long enough to ruin Bush's re-election chances. - Laurel Eby, San Jose

Sadly, this midset is all too common among the far left in this country - a hatred of Bush so intense combined with a contempt for the military that drives ideologues like Eby to allow themselves to "root" for casualties because, like, soldiers aren't really people, you know? And it's for like such a good cause, 'n all...getting that Nazi Bush outta office.

No matter what you think of Bush's foreign policy there are a couple of facts that people who think like Eby ought to consider before commiting such moronic and offensive words to print. Those soldiers who are dying to keep the "quagmire" going are people - they are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers. They are in Iraq trying to give a 25 million people a chance to live without fear of being tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered at the hands of their government. That qualifies as a good cause in my book - if you disagree then you are probably the kind of monster who thought Joseph Stalin was not really a bad guy, just misunderstood.

To openly support the fascist Saddamites against American troops and Iraqi civilians, to hope for an American failure in Iraq for partisan political purposes is to advocate a return to the days of children's political prisons, acid baths, routine mutilations and rapes, and mass murders. That's what the deranged leftist fringe is willing to accept to unseat a president who's greatest "crimes" appear to be not signing an agreement on global warming that the Senate wouldn't ratify anyway and engaging in a war (with Congressional approval and a 70% public approval rating) to remove one of the most sadistic regimes on the face of the planet.

Sickening and shameful.

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