Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Democrats are UNITED behind John Kerry and as everyone knows THE PEOPLE, UNITED, CANNOT BE DEFEATED!

Rushing to the rescue of the downtrodden, homeless victims of Bush's Corporate Amerikkka, John Kerry tirelessly presses an upturned finger to the wind, pushing on past the point of exhaustion to take both sides of every issue in a valiant effort to defend the helpless and become the "second black president". He's got fire in his belly and he's ready to take on the unholy Team Bush and the Republikkkan smear machine.

Anything goes when you're fighting the devil himself Nuancy Boy, as Mark Steyn has dubbed him, is not beneath a little fudging her, a little lying there, a little mud smeared on his opponent (i.e., the baseless accusations that Bush was AWOL from the National Guard). But boy, watch him whine and seethe when the Republicans point out the inconsistency of his voting record and public statements.

Bush and Rove are going to take all of the rope that he's given them and hang him with it. A vote against the 1991 Gulf War (when, as it turned out, Saddam was developing nuclear weapons) and a vote for Gulf War II and THEN switching again to oppose the war when it looked like Howard Dean was on his way to winning the nomination. He's for civil unions but against gay marriage BUT voted against the Defense of Marriage bill and is against a constitutional amendment.

He thinks the way to a prosperous economy is to put a greater tax burden on wealthier citizens (even though they already pay a wildly disproportionate share of the total bill) and is in favor of higher spending on a whole host of programs while slamming the president for the deficit.

Kerry warmly speaks about his "band of brothers" from the Vietnam war but back then he accused American soldiers of routine atrocities claiming that My Lai was the rule rather than the exception.

My prediction is still for a comfortable Bush victory in November. He should win 52 - 53 percent of the vote with Kerry polling 46 - 47 percent, similar in spread to the election between G.W.H. Bush and Dukakis in 1988 when the elder Bush won 426 electoral votes to Dukakis' 111. California will push Kerry's electoral vote total higher (maybe 160 to 170) but I don't see him doing better than that. He's way to nuanced for us red-neck, knuckle-draggers out here in the heartland.

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