Monday, March 22, 2004


It was funny to watch one of Kerry's campaign advisors try to talk his way around Jumpin' John's televised quote to the effect that he "voted for the 87 billion dollars (supplemental appropriation for Iraqi operations) before (he) voted against it" on Hannity and Colmes. He attempted to claim that Kerry was trying to force the administration to be fiscally responsible and fund the supplemental by rolling back tax cuts for the rich. Barely plausible but completely indefensible after Hannity played a clip of Kerry responding after being asked if he would vote against the measure if his amendment (to rescind the tax cuts) was defeated. He replied that no US Senator would be so irresponsible as to
"cut and run". Ouch!

I think Kerry has a fundamental problem that he shares with almost all Democrats when engaged in national campaigns - he can't openly espouse his true foreign policy positions because they are overwhelmingly rejected by the electorate. So he opposed the 1991 Iraq war (that Jimmy Carter now claims that President Bush I "precipitated") when domestic public opinion was divided (although the UN voted in support of the action) and he voted to authorize President Bush II to use force against Iraq when that vote was overwhelmingly popular in the wake of 9/11.

Like most Democrats, Kerry in his heart believes that force is never justified unless repelling an attack on US territory (although a lot of Democrats didn't even see 9/11 as adequate justification for attacking Afghanistan where the leadership of the attack was under the protection of the Taliban). But if he ever clearly stated that position he would be ruined politically - so he tip-toes around trying to appear to support what's popular while leaving himself enough wiggle room to claim that he didn't really support the use of force against Saddam - he was DECEIVED! (how claiming to be so naive or easily deceived helps his case to the American people that he should be elected president is beyond me).

In the end all of the equivocation only serves to give his opponent plenty of rope (and video clips) with which to hang him....at which point he shifts in to whining about the Republikkkan smear campaign. Good strategy.

Not that any more ammunition is really needed, but apparently Kerry's comrades in the VVAW were even more vile than originally reported...if there is truth to what is reported in this link (that Kerry actually attended the Kansas City meeting and had knowledge of the alleged discussions) there won't be any salvaging of his campaign.

And yes, Jimmy Carter is still a moron.

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