Friday, May 21, 2004


I frequently listen to KPFT radio in Houston - a Pacifica Radio affiliate. In case you are unfamiliar with the "Resistance Radio" group here is a little explanation of the history from their website:

"Anarcho - pacifists created the Pacifica Foundation. In the 1930s they belonged to groups like the War Resisters League and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. So ardently did they oppose organized violence that they challenged the United States' entry into World War II, the most popular war in American history."

Hitler and Saddam...these are the men whose evil deeds "anarcho-pacifists" choose to perpetuate by inaction.

After the Iraqi prison scandal broke, the they played a taped commentary from Wesley Cook (aka Mumia Abu Jamal - convicted of the execution of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner - who claimed that it was hardly surprising that prison guards in Iraq would behave in such a fashion because law enforcement officers in the United States had done much worse in the streets of America.

Hitler, Saddam, Mumia....

Last week I heard commentators lamenting the "prison-industrial complex" and excusing criminal behavior because of poverty. Later in that same broadcast a lawyer claimed that John Ashcroft would never take action against Donald Rumsfeld (!) for alleged war crimes because, after all, he is the same person who had "suspended" the first, fourth and fifth amendments.

Hitler, Saddam, Mumia, bin Laden....much prefered by the Pacifica crowd to George Bush. I wonder what Stalin or Mao would have done with the "anarcho-pacifists" of KPFT?

These people are the moral rot that eats at society from the underside. We of sound mind must work relentlessly to discredit the lying propagandists of the fringe left. "Free Speech Radio" indeed!

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