Thursday, July 01, 2004


Why doesn't Ted Koppel devotE a Nightline broadcast to showing the names and faces of these people? Are they not worth mourning? Or fighting with to eradicate the reactionary forces of fundamentalist Islamo-fascism?

Apparently only Bush can do wrong...much more so than maniacs who brainwash their children into blowing themselves up in crowded shopping malls carrying bombs studded with poison soaked nails. Perhaps the US media agrees with Michael Moore and Terry McAuliffe that the terrorists are the new Minutemen?

Well, there a few people where I live that beg to differ...and we need to open the eyes of those who don't want to gaze upon the savagery of their political allies. Yes, if you work to defeat America against these animals then you are with THEM.

Take the gloves off - people are dying all over the world because of spoiled asshats like these...time to call them out and defeat them.


I've been thinking tonight about the loss of integrity in politics and my thoughts drifted to Robert Livingston. How may of you remember him? He resigned as Speaker of the House because of an extramarital affair.

Now, the Republicans had been hammering Clinton for a series of shady dealings and sleazy affairs AND lying to the public (I NEVER...to a nationwide audience) AND MORE IMPORTANTLY for lying UNDER OATH...AS PRESIDENT. So the leader of the opposition chose to resign after it was disclosed that he was not true to his principles. Mind you, he had never sworn that he'd not engaged in predatory behavior under oath - but because he had failed to live up to his personal beliefs about duty, responsibility and leadership he gave up the position that made him third in line for the presidency.

How many people rememeber now who he was or is? Not many I'd guess - probably leftists laugh at him - but I respect what he did. Why can't more of our public servants be like that ...publicly espouse their beliefs and hold themselves accountable even when they haven't violated any laws. After all, is that all we expect of our representatives that they don't violate the law? This seems to be an awfully low threshold...but it speaks volumes about what we expect of ouselves.

The battle is internal, either we decide that we are moral and just and we support the cause of freedom and we act accordingly, even if it requires blood sacrifice, or we live a few more indulgent years excusing our sins because "everyone does it" and then succumb to the throat-slitting Islamo-fascist hoards who flail themselves at our rotting foundations. The choice is ours - if our so-called leaders fail to see the battle lines clearly we must reject them or find ourselves in the breech when the cost has multiplied by the magnitude of their cowardice.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


While surfing I ran across this at The Right Coast and just had to share it:

"It's just so confusing I can barely stand it. First, demented Islamofascists drive planes into buildings and kill more than a couple of thousand people, and the message we get from the left is, we have to understand why they did this. As if, by some tortured logic, it might be justifiable to kill thousands of innocent people to make the point that they hate America. And not only kill them, but kill them in a very bad way to die. Burned to death, crushed to death, dying slowly of dehydration while trapped in rubble. Lots of pictures of burning towers, but none of the body parts that must have littered the ground. Very few of burn victims. OK. Fine.

Now, we are fighting these people in Iraq. It is the policy of the US government, apparently, to use what I would call semi-harsh treatment to get suspected terrorists to tell us what they know. Most Americans, perhaps upwards of 70 percent, think this is fine. It's certainly fine with me. And why wouldn't they? What confuses me is, how are we supposed to be so open-minded that we kinda see the point of people who kill thousands, and would kill millions if they could, but go into brain-lock when they think of some guy caught with an RPG being put in a "stress position" for a couple of hours. Here's some tender-hearted fellow at the New York Times boo-hooing about how sad he is to be an American. How could we celebrate Reagan when Abu-Ghraib was so fresh in our minds? What about Nuremburg? Aren't we just a bunch of Nazis? What I want to know is, why do writers like this one hate us so much? What did we do to hurt him? Oh, boo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Actually, I'm relieved that such a large majority of Americans favor coercive interrogation. It means a lot of Democrats, roughly half it looks like, favor not giving prisoners hot food, as opposed to MREs that are good enough for our soldiers, unless they tell us where the next ambush is coming from. Oh, boo hoo. I'm so ashamed I'm going turn my hot tub down five degrees, just to punish myself.

Heh and Amen brother.

I think I feel a rant building...either that or I need to take a dump.

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