Wednesday, July 21, 2004


The second winner of Asshole of the Day:  Sandy Berger

I find it completely incredible that Berger characterizes his removal of classified documents from a secure reading room as "an honest mistake".  His story might be believable IF it only happened ONCE and he wasn't hiding the documents in his clothing.  How is THAT an honest mistake?  I call that an intentional deception by a former NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR.

I don't know why Berger would try to steal classified materials.  I certainly don't buy that he was doing it just to prepare himself for his 9/11 testimony (let's face it - would you risk the complete ruin of your reputation and possible felony charges to make yourself better prepared?). 

Why did he do it?  What is he hiding - he IS hiding something.  His ass ought to end up in jail just like Andrew Fastow, Ken Lay and Martha Stewart.  He knew the consequences of his actions and thought he could get away with it because of his political connections.


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