Thursday, July 29, 2004


From Lileks via Instapundit:
Teddy Kennedy said in his convention speech: ?The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.? It?s really quite simple, isn?t it? We live in a manufactured climate of fear ginned up by war-crazed neocon overlords. There is no threat. The only thing we have to fear is Bush, who sits as we speak in the Oval Office sucking the marrow from Whoopi?s shin-bones.

Yeah, no threat from bloodthirsty Islamic extremists with poison and nail soaked bomb vests, no threat of attacks on America by maniacs who have been studying chemical, biological and dirty nuke weapons in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, no threat from an fanatical ideology that thinks decapitation of living human beings is an appropriate political tool...no, according to the Democrats the biggest menace in the world today is George W. Bush.

And by the way, the racist criminal and Democrat leader Al Sharpton also threw a racist smear at the president last night (big surprise).  From notes that I took during his speech:  "If George W. Bush had selected the Supreme Court in 1954, Clarence Thomas would never have gotten to law school."  Now mind you he is criticizing a president who has appointed Colin Powell as Secretary of State and Condi Rice as National Security Advisor and Rod Paige as Secretary of Education as well as a party that nominated and confirmed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.  But of course these people aren't really black because they don't agree with Rev. Al politically.

And of course we all know, as Michael Moore says, that Republicans wake up at six every day and start thinking of ways to screw minorities!  We've been found out!  Who leaked the memo!

The Democrats have imbibed the Kool-Aid and are participating in a group hallucination.  It's OK...they'll have another four years to get over the hangover....and discard their forty year old message of hatred and class warfare.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I have been listening to snippets of the Democratic Convention (as much as I can take) on and off since it started.  After tiring of listening to the criminal Al Sharpton speak (more on this later) I tuned into CSPAN 2 where I caught a little bit of the 1988 Convention and a speech by Lloyd Bentsen (idot-Texas). 

You could've dropped old Lloyd into the middle of the 2004 party and he would be right in step - he was whining about deficits, economic dislocation (oil field workers, farmers, etc) and civil rights.  Apparently the Republicans have been hammering away at civil rights laws since 1988 (hell, since 1964 I guess) and they still haven't been able to recreate Jim Crow.  How proud Democrats must be that they have stood in the way of the Brownshirts and protected the rights of the Black Man from the Evil White Male.

The theme of the Democrats this week seems to be thus: unless we stop the Republikkkans now Americans will lose the right to free speech and blacks will be forced into separate schools and to drink out of separate fountains.  We are told that John Kerry WILL NOT ALLOW THIS INJUSTICE!  How brave of him.

Can't these guys find some other issue to be enraged about?  I mean, when the most progressive idea regarding education (school vouchers) is being supported by the Republikkkans and opposed by Democrats (only because it threatens teachers unions) it takes a lot of balls to stand at the podium and whine about children being left behind.  Bush isn't like Reagan, who wanted to abolish the Department of Education, he has actually dramatically increased federal funding for education.  Sheesh.

And where is the massive assault of "civil rights"?  The opposition to favorable treatment for blacks in college admissions?  Is it so radical to propose that such decisions be made in a color-blind environment? 

Or are they referring to the violation of the rights of Arab-Americans?  I hear a lot of whining from the left (NPR) over the deportation of Arab nationals for immigration violations (that the Dems consider minor) in the wake of 9/11.  Let me pose this question: If you were president, would you deport every Arab national with an immigration violation of any kind after 19 Arabs flew airplanes into the towers and the Pentagon (and tried to hit the Capitol) or would you let them slide because the laws hadn't been enforced strictly before?  Would you be willing to risk the possibility that, in the name of political correctness, you could be allowing terrorists to remain in the country and carry out an equall devastating event?  How do you think a president would be judged if another attack happened and a future 9/11 Commission found out that the terrorists could have been easily deported under existing laws?

No, the Democrats think George Bush is a bigger threat to our country than al-Qaeda.  Just ask ">Al Sharpton.  That a bomb-throwing, racist criminal like Sharpton can be taken seriously by the Democrats, much less be given a prime time speaking slot at the convention, illustrates how devoid of principles the oppostion party has become. 

Al Sharpton is an ass.  So is Ted Kennedy.  Hardly big news.  Just like the 40 year old message of the Democrat party.  Well, at least I've moved into a new house this last week....I can go watch paint dry instead of the listening to the speeches of these morons.

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