Friday, August 06, 2004


John Kerry on a "kinder, gentler" War on Terror:

"I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our side and lives up to American values in history."

Via Allah is in the House.


I can't think of anything that more effectively illustrates the difference between the Democrats and Bush. Kerry believes that the terrorists are bad 'n all but we need to be sensitive the feelings of our enemies. And if we'd only play nice and give the more intelligent and experienced French and Germans veto power over our foreign policy then they'd use their enormous skills to help us talk the Islamofascists into submission! If we'd only sign the Kyoto accord and plunge America into a deep recession and allow our leaders to be dragged into the International Criminal Court to be tried as war criminals for deposing Saddam and if we'd abandon Israel and help the Palestinians finish what Hitler started then the Muslims and the French would love us and all of this unpleasantness would go away.

Poor Kerry, he can't help himself - what he really believes leaks out around the edges no matter how carefully his campaign scripts his appearances to make him seem like he's tough on the war. And what he believes is not nuanced its stupid. Just because the French, Germans, Russians and Chinese disagree with us doesn't mean we are wrong and I don't want a president who thinks we need their permission to do the difficult things that we sometimes have to do in protecting or interests from the schemes of our enemies.

Kerry also can't help but notice how racist people are in New York:

"Now, I'm also aware -- how could you live in America and not be aware -- of the special challenges facing people of color. Fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education, in too many painful ways, America is still a house divided.

Too many Americans continue to be separate and unequal in health status, educational status, living standards, access to capital, schools, all of the things that make a difference. And despite all the legal gains -- and that journey isn't finished either -- America cannot be fully America when millions still face barriers to the ability to live up to their God-given potential.

How, for example, can we accept a situation where 50 percent of African-American men in New York City are without a job? How can we accept the fact that at some cities in America, 40 percent of Hispanic kids are dropping out of school? How can we accept the fact that one out of five Asian-Americans attempting to buy or rent a home faces discrimination?

This is unworthy of a nation that values equality, and we have to change it."

It depends on what type of equality this nation values doesn't it? I value and demand equal opportunity and access to basic education not equal economic outcomes.

Perhaps New York state which ranks "41st out of the 50 states in job growth" should reject Democrat-Labor over-regulation and excessive taxation policies and adopt more pro-growth (less interventionist)measures to increase job creation. Just a thought.

Not that John-John are intending to mislead but here are the statistics according to Black Press USA :
"Analyzing federal statistics, it determined that because of the national recession and the particular economic difficulties the tragedy of September 11th brought on New York City, nearly half of black males, aged 16 to 64, are out of work. Only 51.8 percent of the city?s black males had jobs, compared with 75.7 percent of its white males.
Just 57.1 percent of black women had jobs, compared to 61.4 percent of white women. Overall New York City?s black unemployment rate is now 12.9 percent, compared to 9.6 percent for Latinos, and 6.2 percent for whites.
One of the important facts about Black New York?s current employment crisis is that in 2000 the black unemployment rate, mirroring the national picture, was at a record low?7.5 percent."

How can we accept that almost 25 percent of white men in New York don't have jobs? Or that 38.6 percent of white women there share their fate? When Kerry includes that 50 percent figure he leaves the listener with the impression that half of black men in New York are unemployed when really it's 12.9% (which is too high but probably a lot lower than say when Jimmy Carter was president). Do you think that was unintentional?

And how does Kerry propose to make more latinos stay in school? Spend more money?

I don't believe that government should take my money and give it to someone else to support equality of outcome. Economic equality is not guaranteed by the constitution only access and opportunity. If you fail because of your lack of drive, vision, or effort it should not be my problem. If Bennifer wants to give back his tax reduction in the form of charity then he should do it but he ought to take his goddamned hand out of my pocket and stop supporting efforts to make me support his ignorantly short-sighted and dopey political philosophy. Ditto for Bill fucking Gates. All those multi-millionaires (Michael Moore included)should go adopt a homeless drug addict or two if they feel so guilty about the money they've made...and leave the rest of us alone.

Go bleed your heart on somebody else. I've lived too long in the real world to buy all that unequal outcome bullshit. I get tired of all this Brown v. Board of Education horseshit suggesting that Republikkkans are all racists. It's bogus.

Monday, August 02, 2004


I know you thought that stood for mothers against drunk driving (MADD) but no, MAD are the Montrose Area Democrats and they are "MAD as Hell" according to a flyer they put on my door last week. I'm not upset with them though - the flyer had a voter registration form attached which saved me the time of having one mailed to me to change my registration to Harris County.

So the MAD just helped get one more knuckle-dragging, neanderthal, reactionary Republikkkan registered to vote for Adolf Bush and Hermann Cheney in November! Just think how MAD they'll be about that!

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