Thursday, October 28, 2004


Now Matthews is interviewing James Hoffa...well interview is not the right work - he's tossing up softballs (isn't this HARDBALL as he always screams out?). What a fluff piece, I expected Hoffa to drop his pants for Chrissy...now at least that would have been interesting news.


I'm suffering from election burn out before the election but a few notes here:

Interesting buzz among the pols in the last few days. I hear extreme confidence among the Bush campaign operatives which seems to be justified to an extent as Kerry appears to be abandoning Colorado and Florida. National Review's Kerry Spot is reporting that the Bush campaign's internal polling is showing momentum toward Bush. All of the polls seem to support them - Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Hawaii all appear to be toss-ups at this point. The latest polls show Kerry pulling ahead in Ohio but I'd be surprised if Bush ends up losing there. Note that all of those toss-up states went to Gore in 2000.

The trend in the last week has been easy to see for anyone who looks - it's towards Bush.

What is the response from the MSM? The New York Times releases information that just blows the lid off of what? A front page story sourced from the UN implies that almost 400 tons of high explosives were stolen from underneath our noses. Only it turns out that the last time the IAEA checked there were only 3 tons there....oops!

And now we get a new Halliburton investigation! Wow...way to go MEDIA! All our faith is in YOU!

Meanwhile ABC News thinks that a new terrorist video, where the maniac specifically threatens bloody attacks on America should Bush be elected, shouldn't be aired in its entirety right now because it might influence the election. Hmmm...I wonder if they will be equally hesitant to report the beheading of an American in Iraq because of fears that the Iraqi terrorists are trying to influence the election? Somehow I doubt they'd hesitate for a second.

A concerted campaign from the media....but are people listening - or rather, are they buying the bullshit?

I had an interesting conversation in the elevator at work yesterday. A black guy, who was apparently a courier, looked up at the video new screen ("Captivate") and cleared his throat. I was expecting an anti-Bush harangue but I was surprised when he started..."I wonder what lies that John Kerry is gonna be tellin' today?" He was referring to the bogus explosives story. I laughed and said "Yeah, it seemed like a serious deal until I realized that it all happened 18 months ago." He laughed and went on: "And that wife of his has a really big mouth too." Then the elevator doors opened and we left.

It is anecdotal but I think it supports the polling is showing a shocking increase (from 9 to 18%) in support for President Bush among black voters.

Scanning TV....Chris Matthews is blowing the lid off of the "Bunny" Greenhouse - Halliburton deal! Bunny was (is?) in charge of minority contracting goals in the Corps of Engineers. She was objecting to the length of the Halliburton contract. Can we question the timing???? Chrissy wasn't nearly as brutal as he normally is with someone on the other end of the political spectrum (or regardless of affiliation just a Kerry attacker like John O'Neill). He has become a partisan hack. This is another coordinated hit job.

I think there is a current in the body politic that Bush's pollsters are picking up and others are either seeing and denying for spin purposes or missing completely. My feeling is that Bush is going to win with 51% to 47% but it could still be bigger. Bush will win Florida, Wisconsin and Iowa and he'll pick up one of the follwoing three: Ohio, Pennsylvania or Michigan. I think he'll break 300 electoral votes.

I will be in San Diego on Tuesday and I think I'll be celebrating a Bush victory before retiring early to bed....say 10 PM Pacific/1 AM Eastern...OK I might stay up later but this thing is going to be over at least by that time.

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