Wednesday, November 03, 2004


When the dust settles and the pundits look back at what swayed this election towards the president I think that the turn-out of Christians for Bush will be seen as the offsetting factor to anti-war fervor of the Dems. It was a double-edged sword for them - Kerry played to the Michael Moore/Howard Dean wing of the party and it upped the turn-out numbers but... it also energized all us in the country who want to throw something at the television every time Moore appears spewing his outrageous lies.

And you can't give enough credit for the stealth organization of Karl Rove and the Republican Party and their ground campaign. They went into Republican areas and pumped up the turn-out and they went into swing areas and pumped-up the turn-out...and they increased their percentages among African-Americans (!), women, and Hispanics. If you had predicted this a couple of days ago people would have called you nuts.

Hats off.

Juan Williams is desperately trying to put some lipstick on this Democratic pig. Go Juan...knock yourself out.

Bush lead is 123,000 votes with 96% reporting. This is going to be outside the margin of theft.

28,000 votes in NM with 93% in - NM goes to Bush for a 274 EV official win. Bush leads by 3.5 million votes nationally.

Kerry had better concede before dawn...if he wants to preserve any shred of dignity for the Democratic Party (wait - dignity...Democrats...forget it). Hume is bringing Nixon up now which is appropriate....Nixon was a hell of a lot closer to winning the Presidency in 1960 than Kerry is now. Less than 200,000 votes separated the two candidates then. 15 times that margin separates Kerry and Bush. Kennedy beat Nixon nationally by about the margin that Bush is leading Kerry in Ohio.


4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!

And the best part of this is how absolutely ridiculous Susan Estrich looks with her idiotic "I'm an insider and I believe the polls" bullshit earlier in the night.

Looks like Bush is going to take Iowa too.

128K lead for Bush in Ohio with 97% reporting.

My prediction: Kerry will not concede and there will be lawsuits in Ohio. Accusations will fly...outrage that DEMOCRATS CAN LOSE???!!! Juan Williams of course thinks that will happen and thinks it would be OK. In the words of our president...bring it ON. If you want to destroy yourselves as a national party in the eyes of the public then throw this temper tantrum over your loss. Democrats tried to registered every felon, vagrant, illegal alien, and deceased person in each battleground state and STILL LOST. GIVE IT UP.

Bumper sticker for tonight: "Cheaters never prosper". Smoke that.


The unbelievable bullshit continues: John Edwards is announced at what should be a concession speech as "the next Vice President of the United States". Usual expected classlessness. Assholes.

OK...how long did you work on your hair weenie?

Oh, and by the way....John-John is still FIGHTING FOR YOU!!!!

Boy am I glad that the Secretary of State in Ohio is a Republican. At least someone was watching today to prevent a Lyndon Johnson/Richard Daley style ballot stuffing party on Cleveland.

Keep debasing yourselves boys.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Florida is in Bush's column. It appears that his lead is too much for even the Democratic machine to steal.

Susan Estrich is trying to spin the disaster for Kerry - she is saying that Ohio is still a possibility at this point. But I just saw Michael Barone talking about what counties haven't reported and said that it looks like there are larger reservoirs of Republican votes out there than Democratic votes. She also intimated that there are electoral problems in Florida (gasp!) that could give the Democrats hope (highly unlikely that they can turn a 300,000 vote lead with that much of the vote counted).

Estrich needs to lay off the speed. I don't think she blinked during the entire segment. Definitely the most partisan commentator I've seen tonight (although I've not watched much of CBS coverage).

Although nobody is willing to hang out there right now, I think that this election is very close to over. If Bush wins Ohio it IS over.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Bush loses Ohio but wins in Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida - and Hawaii. Bush picks up one electoral vote in Maine. Bush wins in the Electoral College 281 to 257. The popular vote will go for Bush 49.8% to 49.1%.

I voted for Bush last week. The lines at early polling places in Houston were long. At church this weekend the pastor asked how many had already voted - about 75% of the congregation raised their hands....at a very large Baptist church.

Turn out is going to be heavy on both sides.

Wanted to get this in because I will be travelling the next couple of days but I'll try to blog from the West Coast on election night.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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